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  1. I will, I will. I’ve only read 30 pages so far, but It’s already gripping.
  2. I was listening to your clip when the battery on my iPad died!- Pleasant and soothing. You’ve reminded me I’ve got Lou Reed’s Transformer somewhere at home - going to have to look for it now😎 Blue Velvet.
  3. If your husband likes fixing things, do you think he would enjoy model making, if the instructions were easy to follow......or a jigsaw?
  4. Enjoyed most of the book ( Screwtape) but then found myself skipping some of the pages. Great idea speaking from a devil’s point of view, though.Was your school CoE? Mine was RCatholic. Starting Dostoevsky’s The Idiot tomorrow
  5. It’s been relatively warm here in London, even with the rain. Drizzles mainly. The other day I slipped on some wet leaves near a subway and fell on my knee. Luckily it’s only grazed and not broken.😬 I’ve been interested in everyone’s squirrel stories. Where I live, there’s a female squirrel who sits on our kitchen window sill and peers in through the window on her hind legs.She always appears when we’re having breakfast. I think she lives in the huge tree outside the window and possibly sees us from there. I put nuts for squirrels on one side of the sill and bird seed on the other. There were loads of birds a couple of weeks ago - none at present. Maybe it’s not cold enough. We also have urban foxes living in a wild garden at the back, but they’ve been quiet too.They usually make a racket!
  6. I’m not surprised you thought it was euthanasia. I misspelt it. 😮 It’s echinacea. lol
  7. From those you’ve mentioned above, MrHobgoblin, I’m tempted to read Everything and Under. I never could get into HilaryMantel’s prose.
  8. Hope your cold is better. I found the best remedy for a sore throat and a cough is licorice.Some people swear euchanasia spray.works best for them.
  9. 11 years. That’s very optimistic. I suppose it’s better than nothing. 😎 It was 25c in London today. That’s very hot for October. Vineyards in the U.K. are producing red grapes for the first time. We might end up like the Mediterranean.
  10. Thanks, feeling much better. At least I’ll have a scarf ready when winter arrives! haha.
  11. I was in the middle of writing in depth, about my day visit to Oxford, last week, but somehow it’s vanished! It’ll take me too long to re-write it so here’s here’s a quick summary, instead. I saw two exhibitions: J.R.R.TOLKIEN at the Bodelein Library. Very interesting for Tolkien fans. Exhibit included his art work, maps of his fantasy land, family photos, letters to his children and competed crosswords and lots of doodling. SPELLBOUND: rituals and WITCHCRAFT Exhibit included - a witch in a bottle 😬 a feathered garland, which when worn would cause death. A dried toad with pins sticking into it, a witch-weighing machine, a dried dead cat found under floor boards. ( to keep witches away) A rag doll with something sharp sticking through it’s head., manuscripts, engravings, bottles containing nail clippings, skin and hair. ....and loads more. Images of St Michael were used to keep the devil away....
  12. I loved The National History Museum in Dublin, when I visited it once. The one in London is overwhelming.
  13. Wasn’t aware of library week. Good excuse to pop into mine. The opening hours haven’t changed in my local library, but the non-fiction stock has diminished tremendously, so has classic fiction. They are good at ordering books from different libraries, but it’s browsing the books on the shelves, that I miss.
  14. Sympathies, Luna. Hope you all get better quickly, but don’‘t go out too soon. I made that mistake last week. My cold started off with tickling throat and ended up in a full blown head cold. When I felt better and thought it had gone, I took a trip to Oxford. The following day I felt worse, and am only just getting over it now....in the meantime, I ended up knitting a scarf with wool I bought over 15 years ago! I’m sure I bought the wool to try and knit something other than a scarf, but never seem to manage it.
  15. I visited Greenwich once with a family friend. We walked about on a ship - must have been the Cutty Sark. Wouldn’t mind going again to see the Observatory. Where I live, which is at the opposite end ( West London) we have the river and loads of parks. I shouldn’t really grumble 😀
  16. Yes, I have, and agree it was very moving. I’d forgotten Daniel Radcliffe was in it, but vividly remember the actor David Haig playing Kipling. I thought he was excellent. Didn’t realise he’d written the play.
  17. Just started The Screwtape Letters - C.S. Lewis. Letters from senior devil, uncle Screwtape, to his nephew Wormood, a junior devil.
  18. Wouldn’t mind reading that myself, but after reading the blurb I’ve got a sneaking suspicion I’ve watched the tv version. I’lol need to look into it more.
  19. Bateman’s is a great house. We we’re staying in Burwash ( husband & I )when we decided to walk across the fields. We saw the house by chance, from the top of the hill and walked down. I loved it, but was equally sad when I learned about Kipling’s son.This was about ten years ago. Somewhere amongst my books I’ve got a Bateman House book marker. I collect book markers from places I find interesting.
  20. You are lucky! A few weeks ago I went on a mini rambling trip. with my husband, somewhere in Oxfordshire. We crossed field after field into the woods. To see deer running across a field into the woods was a lovely surprise. Especially for someone like me, living in London. I don’t enjoy walking in London. At one point on our walk, we took a wrong turn and ended up on someone’s private land. They were very nice about it and showed us their prize pigs and black sheep before showing us the correct path. On the way back to the cottage where we were staying, I slipped and fell into a ditch/ stream/bog - not sure what it was, but I got very wet! 😂
  21. Charles Aznavour - Loved his warbling voice.
  22. The Little Stranger. It’s a so called ghost story set in the 1940’s based on a novel by Sarah Waters. Never read her books so I’m unable to say how close the film is to the original. All you need for a ghost/gothic tale is the usual big house.
  23. Hahaha - Brilliant. Thanks for that, Clavain.
  24. Billy Connolly used to make me roar with laughter!
  25. Catching up with Trust - The kidnapping of Paul Getty III - directed by Danny Boyle. Uneven episodes but Boyles style is unmissable.
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