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  1. What's next on Mt TBR

    Did you get to read - A small Circus - by Fallada? I’ve read two of his books - Alone in Berlin and Nightmare in Berlin. The next book I’m thinking of getting of his, is, Wolf among Wolves. I like his writing style.
  2. Revived BGO Book Group

    Now that you mention Scots, have you ever read a short story by R. L. Stevenson where the main character has a conversation with his conscience? It’s only a couple of pages long. I thought it was brilliant, so good that I can’t remember the title 🤔
  3. Revived BGO Book Group

    I’ll be happy to read any of the books mentioned, except the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie. ( not a fan of it, either)
  4. Other Hobbies

    Funnily enough, I was looking at a few crochet patterns today. Haven’t done it for years so I hope I remember how. I tend to sew more.
  5. Other Hobbies

    Holmesian pastiche and parody sounds interesting.
  6. Other Hobbies

    I bought a mosaic kit last year but still haven’t done anything with it.😖 Hoping to make a few pictures soon. Took me ages choosing the coloured glass pieces. I also like working with textiles/ fabrics. I love doing Crosswords - the easy ones 😀
  7. Introduce Yourself

    Thanks, tagesmann. I’ll keep an eye out for it.
  8. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    The Outsider - Stephen King. Collecting this from my local library tomorrow. Never read any of Kings books, but have seen most of the films on which his books are based. I decided to borrow it, as I’m not sure I want to keep it permanently on my shelf!
  9. Introduce Yourself

    I’ve never done this before. Does everyone read the same book and then review it? I’ll have more time in September so would be interested.
  10. What Writers/Books Will You Just Not Read!

    Yes, that’s the one. I wasn’t aware there were different translations when I bought it, but have heard since, it’s the best one.
  11. Why so many Russians?

    Well, this eleven year old thread has been an insightful read 😀
  12. Introduce Yourself

    Bravo Madeleine for finally making it! Hello Marie H.
  13. What Writers/Books Will You Just Not Read!

    I can’t read anything by Ian Rankin, although the series Rebus on TV was excellent...or Dan Brown. For those who don’t like Tolkien ( me included) please try Orlando Furioso. It’s a far superior book to Lord of the Rings and very witty. Tolkien was hugely influenced by it. The best version is by Oxford University Press.
  14. How do you choose your books?

    I tend to browse the shelves in book shops and libraries and pick books at random. I’m not concerned with the Author so much at this stage. The title or the cover might grab my attention fiirst. If, after reading the first couple of pages I like it, then I borrow or buy the book. I avoid reading reviews or info about the author until I’ve finished the book. A short comment by someone telling me what the book is about wouldn’t bother me at all, as long as they don’t give away too much. Meant to add - I do go by some recommendations
  15. Desert Island Books

    1) The Bible 2) Dickens- A Christmas Carol (reading this, will hopefully keep me cool on a hot island!) 3) The Odyssey 4) Ariosto - Orlando Furioso 5) The Bronte sisters collection. Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, etc.... 6) Collection of works by Graham Greene 7) Oscar Wilde - The Happy Prince and other Tales For my luxury item, I would like a set of varifocal tinted glasses to last me for the rest of my time on the island. 😎