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  1. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    This Is How It Always Is by Laurie Frankel.
  2. Currently Reading

    I'm about to start A Passage to India by E.M. Forster. I hope I enjoy it as much as the other works of his that I've read.
  3. Currently Reading

    I finished The Guest Cat and did NOT enjoy it. Perhaps it lost something in translation. I found it dreadfully dull. I've just started How To Be a Normal Person by T.J. Klune -- which makes it sound as if it's a self-help book, but it's actually a novel. Only a few pages in, but it's already made me laugh out loud a couple of times, so that's promising.
  4. Very Long Books - Are they worth it?

    I'm a slowish reader, so anything in the region of 1,000 pages would just about kill me stone dead. ~500 pages is about my maximum before I start to break out in panic hives! (A 500 pager would take me at least a month to read.) Plus, yes, a 1,000 page novel would be murder on the wrists. And full of a lot of waffle, too, no? I like my authors to get to the point! I'm most comfortable with books under 300 pages, but every now and then I do pick up one of those 500 page chunkers.
  5. I just bought/borrowed/received...

    Bloom by Kevin Panetta. It's a graphic novel. I've been on a bit of a comic/graphic novel kick this past month or two.
  6. Currently Reading

    I've just started The Guest Cat by Takashi Hiraide. Too early to say if I'm enjoying it or not! The translation seems (to me) a little awkward. I had a hard time getting the gist of the layout of the area as the translator described it. I'm a third of the way through Midnighter: The Complete Wildstorm Series by Garth Ennis and others. Lots of bloodthirsty superhero fun.
  7. Currently Reading

    I'm a little way into Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson. It's great so far. I'm halfway through Exit Stage Left: The Snagglepuss Chronicles by Mark Russell & Mike Feehan. LOVING it!
  8. Review of 2018

    My favourite book: Orlando by Virginia Woolf. My favourite film: The Happy Prince. Written & directed by and starring Rupert Everett. My favourite TV series: Patrick Melrose. Also: Season 6 of Elementary -- which I'm still working my way through! I didn't listen to much music last year. Some Richard Thompson, that's about it. The best (new) game that I played was The Room 3, on PC. Glorious puzzles!
  9. Currently Reading

    I've just started Jerusalem Inn by Martha Grimes. It's a Christmas murder mystery. I'm liking it so far.
  10. Currently Reading

    Stoner by John Williams. I'm nearly halfway through. I'm enjoying it, but it's not knocking my socks off.
  11. Currently Reading

    I've just started Murder is Easy by Agatha Christie. Only a few pages in, but I'm enjoying it. It's not a Poirot -- for a change! I'm REALLY looking forward to my December/Christmas reads this year. I have three delicious seasonal murder mysteries lined up.
  12. Idle Thoughts - Daydreaming

    That's set me to thinking about the "Teasmade" gadget. Is that a peculiarly British thing, I wonder? My gran had one. It was a monstrous behemoth that sat on her bedside table. Each evening before she went to bed my gran would top it up with water and tealeaves, and set it to go off at 7am. At that time it would whirr, chug and gurgle into life, and make an insipid cup of tea right next to her head for when she woke up. I could never see the point of it. All that flim-flam, and the cleaning of the thing, to save, what, a few minutes of going downstairs and boiling the kettle? Dotty.
  13. Currently Reading

    It's murder mystery season! (for me, anyway) -- so I'm about to make a start on The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie.
  14. Introduce Yourself

    Hi poppy, glad you made it across!
  15. What are you watching on TV?

    luna, I love Elementary. I always wait for the DVD box set, and then watch the season all in one big gulp. Season 6 is due out in a couple of months, so I'm excited about that.