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  1. Currently Reading

    Collected Short stories of W Somerset Maugham, is gradually growing on me.
  2. World Cup 2018

    I told a Sheffield taxi driver that a good dark horse would be Croatia. Grunts of dismay and scorn.
  3. Am reading his Collected Short Stories and it's getting better with each tale. Am sure The Facts Of Life was acted out in a Tales of the Unexpected once?
  4. Just Abandoned

    Thanks bedtime.
  5. Motson's World Cup Extravaganza

    These cheap books. The publisher will have offered money to Motson to put his name to it.
  6. Is 90% of YA Fiction really Crap?

    YA holds no interest for me. Don't think I'll have time or inclination to try it.
  7. No not really. I anticipate a good book but never really excited about one .
  8. Post Office

    Bukowski sounds a bit of a prat really.
  9. A Short Survey

    Seems a waste really. People just using the forum for a course survey and not even saying thanks for the help.
  10. Just Abandoned

    It took me about 111 pages. The one dimensional, narrow, shallow characters, devoid of depth. Mulryne? Yeah.. I'll make him an ex constable, dismissed for violence, living in a slum, using his fists for a living. Shocking.
  11. Just Abandoned

    Do you know the works Viccie?
  12. Just Abandoned

    Edward Marston The railway detective omnibus. Shockingly bad writing, corny budding romance , stereotypes abound. Dreadful stuff.
  13. Just Abandoned

    Vikram Seth, A Suitable Boy. The mega tome was good at first but after 400 pages got very political;Indian politics to boot, which I am less than an expert in. The increasingly sickly sweetened love story also put me off. Neel Mukherjee, The lives of others, for gratuitous violence.
  14. What Writers/Books Will You Just Not Read!

    About genres, I agree with Madeleine. WH Smith are specialists in the 'girl' drama scene. Dramatic looking cover, little substance. Tacky story. A neighbour of mine stocks up on this stuff and then dumps it all in the paper bin after a quick read.