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  1. My Novel, Bay City Monsters

    Hey everybody, I'll start by saying I've only recently signed up for Book Group Online, and I'll be honest, I'm trying to take a shot at marketing my new book somewhere effective. Though I have to admit I'd love to spend more time here in general. My name is Duncan John Reyneke. I'm a long time reader who actually works as an advertising writer as a job. I'm a sucker fo science fiction and big plot twists, horror fiction, speculative and absurdist stuff. I've only recently started listening to a lot of Stephen King audiobooks. I also love Murakami, Irvine Welsh, Lauren Beukes, Chuck P, and many others I'll probably be embarrassed I forgot later on. As I mentioned, I recently published my second book, called "Bay City Monsters", about a hotel concierge who falls for a girl on the run from the forces of hell. It's a dark comedy horror fiction book, full of sex, violence, demons and video games. It's available on Amazon, as a Kindle or paperback.