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  1. Honestly, I would pay more attention to a peer's comment/review about a book than I would to a critic's review. I love hearing what every-day readers have to say about books!
  2. My mom and I would listen to audiobooks when driving to my grandparents' (her parents') house . The eight hour drive is certainly made much faster with the sounds of books in our ears... But there has been a time when we saw someone give us an odd look at a red light due to the fact that tears were streaming down our face. Good times.
  3. Ooh, I love Animal Farm! Orwell's representations of animals and farmers as specific political leaders and followers always has me in awe whenever I think about it! Welcome to BGO!!!
  4. If you could meet any character from any book, who would you get to know? I would love to chat with Hermione Granger from Harry Potter; I feel as though she would have interesting stories and that we could relate to each other easily.
  5. Was Mim Malone a good representation of female teenagers? Although the book was well-written, I found myself constantly drawn out of the plot because she was written as a quirky, unique teenaged girl. "I only like 80s music," or "Ugh why would someone write 'Just Breathe' on a bag?" She's so Original and Independent, too much so that it is a really poor representation of teenagers. What are your thoughts? However, I did like the ending. Did you see them coming or were you just as surprised? Have a nice day!
  6. While Young Adult books are more aimed towards teenagers, adults often find them fun to read. There is not as much detailed, gory violence or gratuitous sex in young adult novels than in adult novels, even though there is violence and romance in YA books. I would most definitely recommend reading YA books.
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