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  1. Therein lies my dilemma!
  2. I wonder if any of you knew, David wrote quite a lot and he actually wrote a novel. He was always talking about or planning to send it to agents but had absolutely no confidence in it so kept putting it off. I think I may have the only copy now as I remember his mum and Joy, his copywriting tutor, trying but failing to get into his computer to sort out his affairs. It is set in an all girls school and there is a Scottish character in it. David asked me to re-write parts of her dialogue so that it would sound ‘authentic’. I tried to explain that I am pure, working class Glaswegian and I don’t have a clue how posh Scots girls who would go to a private boarding school would sound. He couldnt understand that! So the character is a very strange mix of Scottish! I have often considered about trying to get it published myself for David, but the fact that he never got round to sending it to anyone, and how intensely private he was makes me think he never wanted it to see that light of day, so regretfully, it’ll stay on my laptop.
  3. Of course I do. I was lucky to have found such a special friend. His lilting soft English voice was a perfect match to my rough, aggressive Glaswegian!
  4. Luna said previously that we were all “reeling” from David’s death but I was grieving. To all of you he was a friend and mentor that appeared as words on the screen. To me he started off as that, then he was my friend I shared gifts with and spoke to on the phone once a week. Then we made plans to meet and share a holiday. Then suddenly he was my friend who I last spoke to, dying in hospital, who seemed to have turned a corner. After I made friends with his mum, his tutor at his copywriting course. I cried with his mum over the phone, each of us not really understanding each other’s accents. I still think about him every day, I often wonder what he would say to all the changes in my life, and if I would have enjoyed my holiday on the coast with him. Even if BGO has closed in June we would have had a backup made for anyone who wanted it, so David wouldn’t have been lost a second time.
  5. I am pleased to that tag has decided to become the Admin and will support him with the transfer of all the accounts.
  6. I don’t think so Viccie. The banners are UK site only. We used to receive kickback from the US site as well, but the money went to a US based member who would transfer the money to us - it was very little indeed.
  7. It is impossible to quantify that. Purchases, each different type of purchase, attracts a different percentage kicked back to BGO. But we need to make about £150 a year from the affiliate programme to keep the site running without having to ask the membership for money. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but right now, with the memberS we have that use the Amazon banners, we make about £70 a year. Those percentages, that Amazon give us, has decreased year on year as Amazon squeeze the kickback. To provide how many would be required, would require me to know how many people will use the banner and what they are going to buy, precisely.
  8. More members that are active on the site, use the Amazon banner to purchase, we get affiliate money. Not really post related, just more members, more people using the banner.
  9. And I will support you in any way I can Tag.
  10. It being “too much” for me isn’t the issue. This came to a head because we were running out of money and dwindling posts and membership meant the site was slowly dying, I didn’t want to see it go out that way. Everyone noticed the issue of dwindling posts and new members. We have seen it for a long time. I kept paying the bills when we were able to keep paying them but eventually the money has to run out because of a dwindling membership and activity. I raised it with the mods when I knew it was going to be an issue. I have said frequently since David died that I would continue to be Admin until someone else wanted to take over, even though I wouldn’t be as active, I have never hidden that. Faced with the financial reality, I also proposed making the FB page more viable. I don’t want BGO to die - I would love it to stay in some form as much as anyone else. But I tried to be very realistic. Am trying to be realistic. But, you know, I’ll take the crap thrown at me. It certainly has been enlightening tonight.
  11. Hi everyone, The day that the site fees are due is the 6th June. I have emailed Tag who has shown interest in running the site from then and will help with with all the accounts etc. I am sorry people feel that I fucked off and became an absentee landlord. You are all right in that, I did. When David died, I did reluctantly take over Admin duties because no one else wanted to battle with the accounts. I was already spending less time here. I went from a full time mother to a full time working mother so BGO became less of a priority. I changed up jobs two years ago and now I have a full time plus job. But I still paid the bills for BGO. the site dying is not my fault. Like you all, who have the choice when you spend time here, continue your active membership - I also have that choice. JFP, i bristle at your scorn - you stopped visiting here regularly a while ago too - shouldn’t I have that option too? As long as the bills got paid? Yes, I own that often I was delayed in replying or dealing with things, but I don’t owe anyone a laundry list of things in my life that take up my time. As for it being a fait accompli, well, yes, that is how it was presented purely because the facts of the site are so stark. I stood up and called it. I always said if someone wanted to take it over, then I would help them. But the reality is the reality we have. The online landscape is very different to what it was in 2004 and failure to recognise that won’t change BGO’s reality. That said, my heart has lifted a little at Tags proposal and if he decides to take over, then I will help him with all the accounts etc. I didn’t have any help when David died, I knew nothing about computers or how to run a site or deal with domain names, security patches, upgrades - I wouldn’t put Tag in the same position.
  12. Hazel

    BGO Memories!

    I joined in 2005, some 6 months after the birth of my second son. I became a stay at home mum in 2001 and began a degree with the OU. I was reading a lot of books at that point and wanted to chat about them. I think I saw something in The Observer about the forum and joined. I settled in quite quickly and loved my time here. I think I spent most of my days seeing to the kids, studying and having BGO open on my lap top all day. I made firm friends with David, and I’ll be honest, I have never really gotten over his loss. BGO was a hugely fun and friendly place to be. I felt, isolated at home with two wee ones, that I had a community, friends and companions that I could have a blether with. I could talk about books and all manner of things and get book recommendations. The money this place cost me in those years! It really was a lifeline though. I remember the stramash JFP refers to over on the other site. I can laugh about it now, but it seemed so terribly dramatic and important at the time. I suppose though, at least BGO survived longer than the other site! Grammath and Lady Lazarus getting married and having a baby was a delight. I remember Adrian, he of the wicked wit down in New Zealand who stopped posting and I know me and David missed very much. Kim and Nick - Mr Hobgoblin to most, together down in Australia. The few people who joined just to stir up bother and sometimes I relished getting into an argument, other times I just ignored and watched from the sides! Megustaleer’s tales of cooking and baking from her idyllic house and garden. I always pictured meg in some English countryside idyll with birds tweeting and the air heavy with flowers. I am sure I’ll have more to post...
  13. Opening this thread for everyone to share their BGO memories.
  14. Hey everyone, so Stuart has confirmed the following regarding the site closure - “when the hosting expires, I will export a backup of the entire site and send it to you. You can use this backup to restore the site in future if you decide to do so. Once this happens however, the website will no longer be accessible, so if members want to make copies of things (like print a page to PDF) then now would be a good time to do that.“ so first of all, if you want to keep certain lists, posts etc, it would be a good idea to start copying things over. Second, the site fees are due in June, I will get the exact date ( I paid last years on the 31st May and I am pretty sure that was early) from Stuart and that will be our close date.
  15. Yes, we hope to leave it as an archive and I’ll be sent the files. I’ll be speaking to who hosts the site for us to arrange this soon.
  16. This really sums up exactly how I feel. It’s not the same place as it was in those heady, new days. I am to blame as well as I stopped visiting. I went from being a full time mum to a full time worker again. We lost David. Other things take my time and I certainly don’t read as much as I used to though I am trying to change that this year. I won’t deny the relief when we all decided. None is us want to see the site limp along indefinitely, we owe it to everyone to recognise the truth of the situation and make the right decision,
  17. Please could I just say, kindly, that David would not have liked the site to be named after him. He loved BGO and the name and as much as I agree with the sentiment, it doesn’t sit easy with me.
  18. I know - we are all sad about it, but hoping the Facebook page will,become a home from home.
  19. Clavain, us mods in our discussions did raise the possibility that some of the members may want to take over the running of the site or suggest monthly payments to keep the site ticking over. This is a possibility, but I think feasibly it would take a much bigger membership and a good influx of posts and new members to make that viable. There is just too much competition online and a lot of people prefer the convenience of Facebook groups. We don’t generate revenue to plough into advertising, the Facebook page itself has had only 52 members since it was set up. We would like to see that grow. if someone would like the challenge then we are open to the idea of transferring the site over to them to run.
  20. Och,, Luna, you’ve made me well up a little. The forum will be here till the summer but we are asking people to make and conscious effort to use the FB site so that it is established about to take over from the forum.
  21. It is a shame Vickie, but we were very lucky to last this long and hopefully the Facebook page will continue to recommend great books to you.
  22. Thank you for all your book buying Luna, it was enough to keep us afloat this long, but unfortunately dwindling members and visits just mean that the site is no longer viable. We appreciate all the the members did using the banners and it helped for this long. Over time as well, amazon reduced the amount we received which didn’t help either. It is very sad, but this wasn’t a quick or easy decision and we hope the FB page will be a new, if different, home.
  23. We appreciate that many people choose not to use Facebook however, there is no ideal platform and this is the best alternative to continue our community. Hopefully someone will be able to meet your request.
  24. In 2004 the internet was still a novelty and people all over the world were finding new ways to meet and share hobbies, passions and loves. Bill set up BookGroupOnline and shortly after many of us that are still here joined. We have had births, deaths and marriages. Personally, for me, a newish mum, it was my companion during those lonely days at home when the boys were sleeping. I made friends, none greater then David, our late admin who took over when Bill relinquished the site to the members. We all remember David who embodied everything BGO was and is. It was never quite the same for me after we lost him. Times have changed. We have all other demands on our time but importantly as the internet became a bigger part of our lives, there are competing social outlets; Facebook and Twitter being the main draws. It has never been so easy, so accessible, so easy to fit in a quick chat about your passions. While that is amazing, it has also affected BGO. We have fewer new members, fewer visitors, fewer posts and this results in dwindling funds from our Amazon banners. This means a brave and bittersweet decision. Over the last few weeks the moderators and myself have been discussing the future of BGO. Dwindling funds, dwindling numbers...we don’t want to limp along till we run out of money. Therefore we have decided that BGO, the forum as we know it, will cease in May/June 2021. This coincides when the next year’s fees will fall due. Any remaining funds will be donated to a book related charity. It doesn’t mean the end of BGO. We would very much like the Facebook Group to take over for everyone, to continue to be a place for book related chat, to be a new home for our members. In the coming months we would like the Facebook Group to flourish. To that end we will look at creating rules for the page and adding membership filter questions. We will endeavour to post there a lot more and while we won’t have the same threads layout, we hope that it will fit in better with everyone’s online browsing time. We hope everyone will help to grow the page. Nothing stays the same on the internet, it is ever evolving and I am so proud that we survived for 17 years. I am so proud of the community we were and are. So try not to be sad, let’s celebrate BGO for being around for so long and let’s look to our next journey.
  25. It’s a nice room. Somewhere I can escape too. The irony is, I have never read Pratchett, maybe need to rectify that.
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