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  1. Hazel

    BGO Memories!

    I joined in 2005, some 6 months after the birth of my second son. I became a stay at home mum in 2001 and began a degree with the OU. I was reading a lot of books at that point and wanted to chat about them. I think I saw something in The Observer about the forum and joined. I settled in quite quickly and loved my time here. I think I spent most of my days seeing to the kids, studying and having BGO open on my lap top all day. I made firm friends with David, and I’ll be honest, I have never really gotten over his loss. BGO was a hugely fun and friendly place to be. I felt, isolated a
  2. Opening this thread for everyone to share their BGO memories.
  3. Hey everyone, so Stuart has confirmed the following regarding the site closure - “when the hosting expires, I will export a backup of the entire site and send it to you. You can use this backup to restore the site in future if you decide to do so. Once this happens however, the website will no longer be accessible, so if members want to make copies of things (like print a page to PDF) then now would be a good time to do that.“ so first of all, if you want to keep certain lists, posts etc, it would be a good idea to start copying things over. Second, the sit
  4. Yes, we hope to leave it as an archive and I’ll be sent the files. I’ll be speaking to who hosts the site for us to arrange this soon.
  5. This really sums up exactly how I feel. It’s not the same place as it was in those heady, new days. I am to blame as well as I stopped visiting. I went from being a full time mum to a full time worker again. We lost David. Other things take my time and I certainly don’t read as much as I used to though I am trying to change that this year. I won’t deny the relief when we all decided. None is us want to see the site limp along indefinitely, we owe it to everyone to recognise the truth of the situation and make the right decision,
  6. Please could I just say, kindly, that David would not have liked the site to be named after him. He loved BGO and the name and as much as I agree with the sentiment, it doesn’t sit easy with me.
  7. I know - we are all sad about it, but hoping the Facebook page will,become a home from home.
  8. Clavain, us mods in our discussions did raise the possibility that some of the members may want to take over the running of the site or suggest monthly payments to keep the site ticking over. This is a possibility, but I think feasibly it would take a much bigger membership and a good influx of posts and new members to make that viable. There is just too much competition online and a lot of people prefer the convenience of Facebook groups. We don’t generate revenue to plough into advertising, the Facebook page itself has had only 52 members since it was set up. We would like to see that grow.
  9. Och,, Luna, you’ve made me well up a little. The forum will be here till the summer but we are asking people to make and conscious effort to use the FB site so that it is established about to take over from the forum.
  10. It is a shame Vickie, but we were very lucky to last this long and hopefully the Facebook page will continue to recommend great books to you.
  11. Thank you for all your book buying Luna, it was enough to keep us afloat this long, but unfortunately dwindling members and visits just mean that the site is no longer viable. We appreciate all the the members did using the banners and it helped for this long. Over time as well, amazon reduced the amount we received which didn’t help either. It is very sad, but this wasn’t a quick or easy decision and we hope the FB page will be a new, if different, home.
  12. We appreciate that many people choose not to use Facebook however, there is no ideal platform and this is the best alternative to continue our community. Hopefully someone will be able to meet your request.
  13. In 2004 the internet was still a novelty and people all over the world were finding new ways to meet and share hobbies, passions and loves. Bill set up BookGroupOnline and shortly after many of us that are still here joined. We have had births, deaths and marriages. Personally, for me, a newish mum, it was my companion during those lonely days at home when the boys were sleeping. I made friends, none greater then David, our late admin who took over when Bill relinquished the site to the members. We all remember David who embodied everything BGO was and is. It was never quite the same for me af
  14. It’s a nice room. Somewhere I can escape too. The irony is, I have never read Pratchett, maybe need to rectify that.
  15. I recently changed one of my bedrooms into a proper library, lined the walls with bookshelves, bought a reading chair and side table, proper reading light, painted the walls dark green and I placed David’s bust of Terry Pratchett on the side table. It seemed fitting and a nice place to remember my friend.
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