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    The Women in the Window by A.J. Finn
  1. How to read more books

    Yeah, 9 is a bit strange.This is the main reason why I love books much more than I do series. You can read the whole thing and know what happens at the end without waiting for a week or so. But maybe it works, who knows!
  2. Hi all! I was wondering which translation app are you currently using for going abroad or translating unfamiliar words from texts? Please, leave your suggestions below, I am sick of google translate and I am looking for an alternative!
  3. How to read more books

    A very helpful list was given in the article, a lot of the points made are useful if followed! I will definitely try the ones that I haven't before and see whether they will improve the number of books I read.
  4. what is everyone doing?

    I just finished doing waffles
  5. How Reading Changes Your Brain

    I didn't mean that! Of course, if you have some kind of disability you don't have a choice, and yeah, the imagination is still working, even better than before. I was talking about my personal experience as a person who prefers to read rather be read to. My imagination works better that way. I can't talk from anyone else's view since I am not in their shoes, everyone has a different approach and I totally support that!
  6. How to win friends and influence people

    What kind of book are you searching for, so that we can know whether this one will be proper or not?
  7. How Reading Changes Your Brain

    Yeah, I agree. However, I am not sure whether it is as helpful as the actual reading. I mean, it kind of steals the magic from the whole process. It might be easier for people who enjoy listening to audiobooks while doing other activities, but I don't know. I guess I have to try it for myself and see.
  8. How Reading Changes Your Brain

    I think that reading helps your imagination, helps the way you express yourself, you learn new words and also they might improve your writing as well. However, I am wondering what are the positives from listening to audiobooks, what do you think?
  9. What song is on your brain...right now?

    I was looking at a different thread, I am not sure how my comment got posted here... Sorry about that! I did a edit of comment, this is the song that is currently in my brain
  10. what is everyone doing?

    We are going to have snow on Monday, that's exciting I also had just recovered from a quite serious cold, I couldn't talk for a week and a half and no medicine helped.... I don't wish this on anyone
  11. What song is on your brain...right now?

    Astrid S- Hurts So Good. She is a relatively new artist, I think she is very talented!
  12. Book Lists 2018

    TV Shows: Riverdale- Season 2 Stranger Things- Season 1 (I am planning to start it) Pretty Little Liars- Season 7 (they put like 5 episodes a year which is odd) Books: Me after you by Jojo Moyes (I have to finish it) War Storm by Victoria Aveyard Marriage of Inconvenience by Penny Reid