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    Hi everyone! Are you looking for the perfect (Christmas) gift? Two good friends and fellow students of me, Vincent and Helen have been going to elderly homes for the past two years. They are visiting more than 20 homes a week and help more than 200 elderly to feel happier and healthier, by teaching them Rainbow Tai Chi. They have written a book about their beautiful, heart warming, stories filled with lightness, where they share how their work has affected the elderly. How much more happy and healthy they have become, how a group of people who has basically been so neglected by society is able to feel alive again, feeling that Timeless Spark! Their purpose is to make as many as people aware of the fact that so many of these wise people, who have done so much for society, are just rotting away and waiting to die, to put it very bluntly. Here’s a link of a video I’ve made that gives a little impression of their book and their work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwrloSwnYRI&t=8s If you feel intrigued to read about their amazing stories and how they’ve helped so many elderly to transform, you can buy the book for only £15 (excl postage). Please contact me or Vincent for more information or if you would like to get a copy. Edit: Post moved to Writers Corner, and "illegal" sales links removed. Rules for book promotions can be found here Megustaleer (moderator)