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  1. I love GoT, just finishing Series 3 on BluRay. We don't have Sky and it's going to be aaaaaages before the currently airing season is available to buy. Which is making me think I should listen to the audiobooks. Anyone given them a go in that format? I think the most refreshing thing about the program is the strong female characters, Dany being the best of the lot, but there are many others and it highlights how rare that is. Yes, there are prostitutes too, but there are many disposable trivialised male characters too. All the plotting and intrigue...brilliant stuff.
  2. I don't think I could bear any more of Anton than we already get with him being a dancer on the show. I like the pairing of Tess and Claudia, but I'm not sure that Tess has what it takes to carry a whole series. I'm not sure who the ideal person would be but they'd have to have a bit of respect for the show, not try to turn it into a vehicle for their own brand of 'genius' (yes Chris Evans, I'm thinking of you...).
  3. I enjoyed this as an audiobook rather than a physical copy. I am a runner, nothing impressive in terms of endurance or speed, and this book was very inspiring. It's quite well known in running circles for inspiring the 'barefoot running' trend of recent years and I was a bit worried that it was going to be a manifesto for that, but the barefoot aspect was incidental to the main story. I'm glad to hear that non-runners found much to enjoy, I thought it had a strong narrative and story of the race at the end was very compelling. Another book about running that I have enjoyed recently is 'Running with the Kenyans' by Adharanan Finn, in which he tries to find out just what makes those Kenyan runners that we see winning all of the major marathons so incredibly fast.
  4. Jen


    Hi Hazel, so glad to hear that you're learning to knit, it's a brilliant thing to do. Sign up to Ravelry and dive in to an alternative universe! But first, Google "youtube how to tink" and watch one of the videos - tinking is knitting backwards (see what they did there?!) which as Barblue says is the best thing to do. Ripping your knitting out is much more risky, it's worth taking the time for a couple of rows. Hope you enjoy your finished scarf.
  5. Ha! Seeing this on the forum reminded me that I'd missed it off my reading list notes - I knew I'd read something that I hadn't recorded, just couldn't think what. Seems I'm not alone. I found it nice enough but I can't say that it touched me on any level, which given the subject matter, it should have done really.
  6. ...I am now reading BGO through a pair of glasses. I've been short sighted since I was six so have always had glasses or, since I was old enough to buy them, contact lenses, but I'm just hitting that point of thinking about reading glasses. It's a pain in the wotsit but I'm concerned that I'm going to waste a lot of money finding a solution that suits me. I'm not ready to give up the contacts, I hate running in glasses and I always feel that I hide behind them when I wear them, but the options for varifocal contacts seem expensive and not to suit everyone. Ah well, I'll put it off for as long as I can.
  7. They wouldn't believe us! Great work Hazel, you should be very proud. Just finding the time can't be easy, never mind getting the work done.
  8. I think you're right Clavain, we can't resist someone who needs looking after...! Well, maybe. In real life, I run a mile from anyone needy. A good part of the success of the book for me was that Rosie seemed to be attracted to and exasperated by the same aspects of Don's personality as I was. For example, his unquestioning acceptance of his friend's project to sleep with women of as many nationalities as possible was entirely logical and honest, but the inability to see that this project might not have been something that his friend might was to share with everyone could cause...problems that Don couldn't perceive.
  9. 61 but I enjoyed far fewer! There are a good number on that list that I can date back to that time in my late teens when I felt compelled to read 'The Classics'. I learned that they weren't really for me...
  10. This is a quirky, fun read that I thoroughly enjoyed. Right from the start I was rooting for Don and I loved the way the author used Don's detatched logic to reveal things about the other characters in the book, especially his womanising friend Gene. I agree with MM that the end did rather trip over itself in its rush to tie up all the ends but that's a very minor point, I was just glad that there were no unresolved issues.
  11. It was and they filmed it in a village near to me called Lacock. It's wholly owned by the National Trust and just so incredibly quaint it's almost untrue. Very handy if we can't think of where to take visitors! I can't imagine what it must be like to live there. They filmed some of the Harry Potter stuff there (in the Abbey), it's a very popular period location.
  12. Thanks for all your good wishes. My run went well despite the nearly constant drizzle. The route avoids going up the hill into the more scenic parts of Bath. It starts on Pultney Street, which is lovely, then goes down towards the river, out of town north of the river, back in to the south and then the same loop again. The upside of having two loops to do is that there is great support pretty much all the way round which helped a lot. The downside is of course that first time round you know that you have to do it all again! My target was 2 hours 10 mins and I did it in 2 hrs 8 mins, so very pleased. I've taken a day off work today to recover!
  13. I'm taking it easy today and forcing (!) myself to eat lots of carbs. I'm running the Bath Half Marathon tomorrow...my first one and I'll admit to being a bit nervous!
  14. I'm so glad that you've discovered Iain Banks, Kerry, there's much in his back catalogue to enjoy. I saw that The Crow Road was quite high up on the Amazon UK bestsellers list and wondered if there has been something in the press about it over here.
  15. I've got tickets for Rufus Wainwright at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane in April. I can't wait, he's my favourite live performer ever, I think this is the 16th time I'll have seen him. Then in May it's London again to see Janelle Monae at Brixton Academy which promises to be a real treat. Shame these people can't come and perform nearer to my house! I'm also going to the cinema on Tuesday to see 'Tales of Us' from Goldfrapp, which is a screening of the mini-films they made to accompany their most recent album, followed by some streamed liver performance. Not sure how it's going to work but at least I get to sit in a nice comfy chair and have a glass of wine while watching!
  16. I'm all for people speaking less and saying more. I can't abide the unedited senseless wittering that passes for conversation in some people's lives. However, I realise that this is not the point of this debate. When it comes to people paying more attention to those who are absent than those who are present, my opinion is that it's rude and I try not to tolerate it, although sometime I'd be more rude than the person behaving badly if I objected, so I try not to be too beligerent. Gigs are the worst for me, all these little screens floating in your eye line where people are capturing the moment for posterity (on a small poor quality device) rather than losing themselves in the moment.
  17. I'm back from a short visit to my parents. We were finalising plans for their Golden Wedding Anniversary celebrations. Quite something, huh? We're a small, far-flung family and we rarely gather apart from funerals so I'm really looking forward to it.
  18. Stuart Maconie has carved something of a niche for himself, travelling around Britain and trying to make sense of the similarities and differences. He has a nice chatty writing style.
  19. Sincere gratitude from me too.
  20. Intriguing...can you tell us more?
  21. Agree and agree Gram. Also, living in the South West rather than the South East, even I feel excluded from the everyday news agenda. I'd hate for England to get ever-more Daily Mail and appreciate the balance that the other parts of the Union give us. I'm not informed enough to have more than a gut feel for the independence issue but I just hope that those who do have a vote take the time to consider their view and don't employ the tiresome England=Bad view that often seems to prevail.
  22. The bad weather has stopped my weekend guest from getting to me, train travel being inadvisable at the moment. Illness stopped her visiting over the New Year holiday. I'm determined to still do the things that we had planned, so we're off to Lacock Abbey where there is an exhibition of photos taken by the Hubble telescope.
  23. I certainly don't have to like the main characters to enjoy a book, but I do have to find them interesting and believable. I think there's a lot to admire in someone who is singlemindedly unplesant, even if you don't want to emulate or encourage them. The world needs more than 'nice' to operate successfully, books are the same.
  24. Thank you Hazel. I recall a thread a long time ago where we were playing with one of those sites that generated a Simpsons character that looked like the description you gave it. David posted the avatar of himself and I've always had that in my mind when thinking of him. ETA: Here's the thread! Amusingly enough, the picture that David posted is nothing like I remember!
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