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  1. Yes, it was good for us to share about David again. Hazel said I should do so a while back. She was right, but I wanted to write about David, and was wary of making it sound about me, which would have been out of place in the early days. Joy and her husband thought the world of David and miss him terribly (I think Hazel may have told us something like that earlier too). So, when the tribute appeared it seemed the right time to link two groups feeling the same. Thanks to those who mentioned me doing the course. It's a year's course. Some people do it in 6 months because they want or need to
  2. I thought you may be interested in a lovely coincidence. Many of you know that I retired a couple of years ago - I recommend it. I had thought that after a rest, I’d do bits of supply teaching. However, having stopped, I began to realise that I did not want to go back. Teaching is more stressful than it has ever been . . . and it’s not the pupils causing this. Looking round and inspired by David having retrained, I began to look at copywriting. I wasn’t able to talk to David about this as it was just the time he started being ill. I chose an online course and coincidentally signed up o
  3. angel

    Michael Gove

    Sadly, as Hazel says, there really isn’t much time to include any wider reading. It has long been a balancing act to fit two (or sometimes three) GCSEs [English Language, English Literature (Media Studies) into the English timetable. Science departments have a similar problem, now that their disciplines are often taught together. One way round this used to be that those pupils who found English difficult just took English Language, but Heads wanted more GCSEs so pushed departments to teach Media Studies instead of Literature. More recently the curriculum didn’t allow pupils to take just L
  4. Spot on Clavain - in question time, Will Self kept referring back to that point as being the crux of the matter. When somebody said that he did manage to concentrate on just the novel when reading online he asked the man's age (34) and said that that was just about the borderline - anyone older was brought up to read in a single minded way, whereas those younger had always known two way technology, which brought about a different mindset, and took it for granted. I'd better stop now as I don't want to lead us off topic for the thread!
  5. I went to see 'La Boheme', by Puccini, with one of my daughters this week. It was our first opera. I know some operatic stories as my mother used to tell them to me as bedtime stories, but I didn't know this one, so we made sure that we had looked the story up on the internet first. We thought there may be a translation in the programme, so bought one just in case, but there wasn't. It didn't matter, though, because there were two small screens (as chintzy described), one each side of the stage. The writing was large and in an easily read font and there was plenty of time to read and watch the
  6. With 'Ulysses' and all the songs you know from your dancing, you'll probably understand many of the references, Barblue. Enjoy.
  7. The sheer repetitiveness of knitting makes it therapeutic - ideal for switching off all the stresses encountered at work. It can relax the mind on the easy bits and then distract it when it becomes more mathematical.
  8. I started reading this months ago, after reading the reviews here. I was really enjoying it and raced through the first half (with a dictionary to hand, of course), but then stopped for a while and read something lighter, ‘The Rosie Project’ (also based on BGO reviews). I returned to ‘Umbrella’, but just couldn’t get into it again. Re-reading this thread helped, and by MrHobgoblin’s advice, seems to have allowed me to stay in Self’s thought current and be carried along. Although I suspect that many references are splashing out along the route, I am once again enjoying the experience.
  9. Oh Meg, I'm sorry to hear that you are having such a tough time. It's hard to have to start again with another operation, just when you were expecting to feel better. I hope that your husband's condition is sorted soon too. Keep propping each other up and enjoy the time at home together.
  10. Sorry to hear about your trouble Barblue. . . and everyone else who’s been ill recently. There seem to have been so many and I haven’t been around much so can’t keep up, sorry. It must be ‘something in the water’ up here in the North, Barblue – I’ve spent the last couple of months on hospital visits and a couple of operations later have just got home from having a growth removed and a biopsy from my bladder. Your post about drinking water sounded so familiar. My instructions also said drink plenty of water (no quantity stated), which naturally I did. However, on arrival for the CAT s
  11. How lovely to have a light, 'easy read' that reads well. So often humorous books are not 'easy reads', but frustrating reads, because the writing doesn’t flow or the plot is too simple. The Rosie Project was just what I needed and I didn’t want to put it down. The words flowed simply and smoothly and even though I predicted the ending, I still wanted to read on to see how the writer resolved everything.
  12. I too am sorry to hear about your husband's uncle, Binker. I pray that you have a good journey and can share some happy memories with your family.
  13. angel

    Rest in Peace

    I too agree . . . with what you've both said.
  14. Having only daughters, we were surprised that our grandson gravitated obsessively to cars and trains. We did briefly wonder if this was a gender issue, but he also plays with his doll and his little sister is just as car mad. Of our own three girls, close in age and brought up together, one was car and football crazy too. so, I like to think that it's down to our uniqueness not our gender and celebrate this. It is such a shame that individuality isn't generally celebrated. I know that it's not easy to curb bullying and it could have been just a stop-gap until all was sorted, but this
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