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  1. A slice of blueberry pie will always be my downfall
  2. Should be doing my laundry! But having a well-deserved cup of tea after a looooong day.
  3. Curiosity: How Science Became Interested in Everything - Philip Ball
  4. I've never heard of this but it looks great - perfect for the autumn weather and a cup of tea!
  5. I went to The TEch in San Jose while I was on holiday and saw a really interesting exhibition called Cyber Detectives. It was basically a fun and interactive exhibition about cyber security and the current threats - it dealt with most of the issues raised here on this article.
  6. I've not noticed this yet, but now I've a feeling it will annoy me a lot soon.
  7. Ah I love Ian McEwan. AND Benedict Cumberbatch. So I have high hopes for this.
  8. Ahhhh! This has been on my list for a while and I've never gotten around to it. I think it was Dawkins' review that sparked my interest. But brilliant, thank you for putting it back on my radar!
  9. I recently went to see a jazz group called Yussef Kamaal and it was one of the best gigs ive ever been to! Have a listen! Buy from Amazon
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