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  1. I loved 31 songs - I think there are some great literary connections linking word to music. Hornby is so good at this. Iain Banks is another. Check out this listmania for Steve Horsfall ( not so famous but very good) http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/tg/listmania/list-browse/-/247L3EEK079LH/qid=1118068856/sr=5-4/ref=sr_5_10_4/202-7804811-8471026
  2. I must admit I do like Beach Life books these days - book you can read in the sun or can take you to the sun ( must be because I work nights) - books like The Beach ( Obviously), Is Harry on the Boat, Leisure, You Are Here.
  3. My real name is Garth, I live is Sussex and I'm currently a nightwatchman with a lot of good reading time ( hope my boss does not read this)
  4. Steve Horsfall, Colin Butts or Robert Llwellyn
  5. Totally agree - when I saw this thread that was the 1st book I thought of. You just think that it has to be a man writing. ( didn't like her 2nd book though)
  6. My book would be Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane - short and so descriptive
  7. Sandy - have to agree with you totally. The best book I read in 2004. So sunny, original and brilliant
  8. Bill - I really enjoyed this .The book is written in almost a diary format, with each character having their say - very light and breezy
  9. Highly original (I thought) - I did struggle in the middle be perservered and it was worth it. Great characters
  10. I gave up on this book - so very self indulgent.
  11. I read the Davinci Code 1st and found that better - this seemed to be a blue print novel ( especially the start). I really did enjoy it though up to the James Bond bit
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