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    Cross Stitch

    Hi - does anyone know if anyone else is producing eBook cross stitch charts?
  2. Hello - thank you for the opportunity to introduce myself. I had been wandering around the forum, trying to find the place for new members - glad I finally found it! My name is Alodie and and am always looking for new authors to read. Sometimes I feel frustrated that they don't write as quickly as I read. (Then I started writing and realised why!!) I remember, as a child, being annoyed to hear that Arthur Ransome had died. I had been enjoying reading his books, and was upset that he wouldn't be writing any more. Oh, the selfishness of children!!! I had spent a while working in mind-numbingly boring factories and killed the time by telling myself a good story. Now it's many, many years later, and I’ve started writing them down. My first real novel took the best part of a year to write. I just sat down at the computer and told myself chapter after chapter. That was the easy part! The second story came out as a Radio play – I enjoyed listening to Radio 4 Saturday Night Theatre for years. But then I realised that no one buys radio plays, so I am converting it into a novel – a much harder job than I’d realised. Aside from the novels, I enjoy embroidery and have produced a range of small e-Books of cross stitch patterns
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