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  1. That book seems interesting. Its got many great/positive reviews, but it seems like a very broad topic, and that parts will be taken and talked about from this year, or that month, spanding over 300 years. But I will have to check it out when I have finished my current book
  2. I am not the best at writing critical reviews of books. To be honest, I have never written a review of a book before. I am most likely going to say something along the lines of, it was a great read, interesting to find out about x,y,z, woulr definitely recommend, so my thoughts would probably not be very useful.! But so far the book is great, interesting to know how life was like growing up for Nicholas, and the sad death of his father (hopefully no spoilers!). Cant wait to read more if it
  3. Started reading 'Nicholas and Alexandra' by Robert K. Massie. Really excited to learn more about this really interesting family! Edit: just released this section is for fiction, shall I delete a post elsewhere?
  4. Even though my book is non-fiction, and this is a fiction forum, my question is still general to everyone who reads! I ordered the book, 'Nicholas and Alexandra' by Robert K. Massie last week as I wanted to read more about a family that I was already really interested in, and I cant wait to read it now that I finally have it! As soon as I received the email this morning to say that it had been delivered to the store, I rushed there to pick it up!. I was so excited over the weekend waiting for the book to arrive in store, I felt like I was a kid again, too excited to get to sleep on Xmas- e
  5. haha it is actually what I sometimes used to do when I was younger. I remember when I was on holiday, I found a book at the hotel shop. As hotel shop items are crazily overpeiced as it is, I still wanted to buy the book as it had a cool looking spartan soldier on the front!...oh and the blurb sounded alright . I liked the cool war-looking front covers, but not anymore thank God!
  6. Great thank you for the suggestions everyone! Cant wait to read some of these!
  7. Thanks for the advice so far everyone. I forgot to mention, I would like to read historical war fiction haha. Anything thats really popular from a certain era e.g medieval, or civil mar, or ww1/2. Apologies if I am not making sense here, I guess I could just find some reviews online and buy them Edit: Although ones you recommended do still sound interesting so thank you !
  8. Hopefully this is the right place to ask as there were not many other threads in relation to this. I really like history. I am going to read some non-fiction books (that can be interesting), but I have a feeling that Historical fictionbooks are more fun and gripping? More of a 'cant put it down' book collection as opposed to non-fiction (although I am most likely wrong). There are so many historical fiction books out there that look great (lots of reviews), such as 'Wars of the Roses' by Conn Iggulden, ones by Bernard Cornwell (more medieval). How does one find the great books to read, tha
  9. I have searched for another thread relating to my question but have found none, so made to the decision to make my own. I was surprised not to find anything written/asked about the last Tsar's as they are a really interesting family/part of history (having watched documentaries and read a little about them online). I am wanting to buy a book about the Nicholas Tsar and his family, their marriage, ruling, the illness of their son, the reovlution, their execution etc. There are many books out there but I am undecided as to what one to purchase. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advi
  10. Oh hello! I didnt know this page was available as I saw that the 'Please Introduce Yourself thread' was no longer working, so I thought there was no thread to introduce ourselves! I am from the UK and currently reading "The first day on the Somme". I am also in my final year at Uni. I have always loved reading. At around the age of 12 I started reading many books, for quite a few years as well. I always remember feeling 'hooked' to many books that I 'couldnt put down'. Then all of a sudden I stopped reading as much. The past 3-4 years I have been slowly trying to read more again, however h
  11. I do lots of research (sad I know). I look at some reviews and the popularity of it on multiple websites, including Amazon, goodreads, and other book forums. I read what the book is about, and if I will like it.
  12. Also thank you Grammath as well. Do you mind if I ask you what Fiction books you read? Do you read Spy, historifcal, horror? The book that you said you recently read does look really interesting, and I am thinking of moving into fictional books instead of factual ones.!
  13. Thanks for the welcome, and also the very helpful advice with the fiction/non-fiction history book information. I think I understand it more now which is great! Also, when you mention to add an old thread, do you mean, find one that mentions something similar to what I want to ask, and just ask the question? Thanks
  14. -Firstly, I just want to say Hello . I am new here and I thought it would be best to introduce myself in my first ever post, as the 'Please Introduce Yourself thread' is no longer working! -Secondly, as my topic title mentions the term non-fiction, I apologize if this is the wrong forum to ask my question, as it's about fiction and non-fiction, so I was not quite sure where to post my thread. *So I apologize if this first post by me looks really boring to and long to read. I just wanted to write some brief info about me and books/ interest in history, before I got to my question. But tha
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