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  1. Hi Is this forum still doing a vote for the book of the month to read and review? The old threads look like they stopped a couple of years ago now? Sorry I guess lockdown is reigniting my ability to devour books more easily. Thanks
  2. How does this thread work please? Books we plan to read or have read and updated as we go?
  3. I have given up on these books in the past: Catch 22 (I know outrageous) Great expectations Brave New world Labyrinth Captain Corelli's Mandolin I first joined this online book group 15 years ago and Ive just reread some things I wrote and I'm tickled by how young I sound. Perhaps it's time for me to revisit these books and see if I take a different view?
  4. Has there been a thread on discussing this book before? I have just finished it and generally feel it was rather depressing. Not sure I have a take away from it? Do books need to have a take away I guess? Anyone read this?
  5. Easy - it came to me as i read the question - both the main characters in the time traveller's wife. Hated them both. I think I can be found ripping them to shreds on the thread about that book. Also agree - Scarlett o'hara to a certain extent. I do admire her strength enormously.
  6. 1 The Pirates' Daughter 2 The Forgotten Garden 3 The Colour Purple 4 Labyrinth - currently reading and struggling to get hooked.
  7. That was one of the parts that I thought was not clear - when does Jem realise that it was Tony and not Andrews that kept the uniform?
  8. I finished the book this weekend and I really enjoyed it - I felt quite disappointed when it ended as I wanted to watch their life for a bit longer - I truly bought into their romance. When it started I did think it was a historical story and once I had got into it I did see a likeness to Mills & Boon - however I have always enjoyed the odd Mills & Boon here and there and so I was not downhearted. It was reminisent of M & B as the male lead was giving the impression he did not care fully for the female lead which is a classic story line in M & B. I thought there were classic lines such as tightening of the loins etc... My favorite character was Tony as whilst we were reading his thoughts the thoughts were still selective and so at times he was a mystery as to his intentions. I am happy with the ending and like to imagine that they start a life together without the pressures of society and on a more equal footing. I therefore do not feel the need for a sequel. I found myself thinking about the couple alot as I enjoyed their romance. I would recommend it to my Mum and to a lady I work with who loves heroic romance. I liked the action in the book too and I think it portrayed well the difficulties of being a woman and doing the action such as the impact onto her shoulder when shooting. I would read books from the authors again especially if they pick unusual subjects again. I would like to mirror the comments made before of thanks for the opportunity to read the book. I am much obliged.
  9. God no - my life is on hold till then- just imagine what we will be like when we have read the last one and there is no more - EVER!!
  10. Well those are very interesting points - I wish I had spoken to you two 7 years ago and perhaps I would have persevered. I'm glad to hear that there are other views on the book and that prompts me to try it again. Just as Seraphina said though it was just my opinion that it was too steeped in science and I fully admit to giving up on it before finding out much more, but then that's the beauty of this site eh? - To air our opinions.
  11. I read the handmaiden's tale in the sixth form and I can highly recommend it - excellent book. With regard to Brave new world - I tried to read that about 7 years ago and gave up 5 pages in, if that. I think you need a science degree to read it - it was the first book that I ever gave up on and that has only happened twice since. My brother is a big sci fi fan too and he has read Iain M Banks before which he did enjoy. I used to read all Iain Banks books but had to stop as I was learning the formula for spotting the twists.
  12. Yes please - I'll send my details to contact us.
  13. I don't know about the pickled Limes - guess I just imagined them to be like pickled onions. However I must admit to changing things in books also - esp if the book ends without satisfying my need for details - I'll just make up the what happened next part myself.
  14. Little Men - Louisa May Allcott
  15. I loved this book and Good Wives and since reading both again recently I have been meaning to buy Jo Boys and Little Men for ages. I wanted to be Amy for obvious reasons.
  16. I enjoyed Dave Gorman's other book and his mate Danny's book Join Me as well. So I would like to read this one too. Plus thought I would throw in biographies as a vein - anyone want to suggest a good one. Michael J Fox's was excellent.
  17. The Long Way Round - Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman. Its just come out on paperback too.
  18. For me - the last book to make me sob- shoulder quaking, snot dribbling, puffy-eyed mess was P.S. I love you by Cecelia Ahern. Not a book I would normally pick up but my mum was reading it and she had left it on the table once when I was visiting- after the first 2 pages I was gone. So as not to exposed myself to mother's smuggness - put book down before she saw and bought my own copy a few days later. I also blubbed at The Lovely Bones.
  19. Amyb

    Paulo Coelho

    I don't know whether it is available on line, I just saw it in the Works in Leamington.
  20. For fans of Paulo Coelho - The Works bookstore are selling his whole collection in a gift box for £9.99. I think it has to be purchased - even though I've about 6 books to read at the moment.
  21. I want to join in the book club but I'm currently reading another book at the mo' and like others I am too guilty of buying books whilst I still have others to read so I have prevented myself joining in just yet. What I wanted to say was when I saw the club up and running and saw how you chose a book I thought that was great. A load of options to vote on and the winner is chosen. I noticed that there was a range of new and old and that's what I like to read. I wouldn't want to totally dismiss new books just because they are new - they could be the classics of the future. So what I wanted to put my two penny worth in about is please keep the mix or as suggested above themes and then suggestions under the themes to vote on.
  22. I understood the book to be more about society at the time rather than about a love story. The love story to me was an explanation as to who Gatsby was compared to who people thought he was. I think that it was a comment on society by Fitzgerald and if he had told the story from Daisy's point of view we would not have got of that - it would have purely been about her relationships. I think Fitzgerald was saying that Daisy was an example of how fickle and bessoted with glamour and scandal and money people were in those days - although the same could be said today of course. It was interesting to read a book set in another time and on the whole I would say I enjoyed reading The Great Gatsby.
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