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  1. when i started reading heavy at first i picked them by their covers. thats how i found eragon and twilight. but after reading more i learned about authors and what not
  2. is there a section where i can type all the books i got, so u guys can see what i got in my library. it would be nice to see whats in you guys library
  3. I don't remember if I posted on this thread but the fault in our stars made teary eyed
  4. I have the harry potter and the curse child but I'm not into it. maybe some potter fan would like to trade for it. its the special edition first print.
  5. right now im reading python programing for beginners. also reading the alchemist by paulo coehelo for the second time
  6. hi guys. just wanted to say hello to my fellow bookworms. I love all types of books. the lates book read was life and death by Stephanie Meyers. but I like fiction non fiction fantasy scifi. my favorite series is game of thrones. and my favorite book is between the alchemist or the fault in our stars. what are you guys reading now?
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