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  1. Oh, Hazel - what terrible news. Everyone has been so eloquent, as David always was, in describing how they remember him. I've been a (very) irregular poster over the last couple of years, but David's wit, kindness and ability to engage with everyone marked him out as someone I often thought about. Many's the time I hear his 'voice' while reading or watching a film. Blimey, he was a special guy wasn't he.
  2. I have come to this thread very late so have only just found out how poorly David has been. Although I don't drop in so often these days my heart fell when I read the first few posts and I'm so relieved that he seems to be on the albeit slow road to recovery. So lovely to feel the warmth from the BGO community too. A Kindle Fire will be perfect! If you get round to reading this David, very very best wishes from me and hope that you'll be back with us before too long x
  3. Loved this and I agree with everything Grammath's already said. It had me hooked right from the start. I suspect lots of London streets are like Pepys Avenue - a disparate array of classes and cultures with nothing other than geography in common. The motif of the postcards works well to link their individual narratives. I tore through it as it's actually a really fun read.
  4. I found this so depressing (and thus thankfully short). Yes, Tochtli has such a distorted vision of the world for someone so young and his future is, well, unimaginable really. Such wealth, such violence, and no real relationships with anyone are going to make him one screwed up adult. I have to say I read it slightly distractedly on a train journey and probably missed a lot of the symbolism and Alice refs, so I think I'll go back to it having read MrHG's comments and try and eke a little more out of it.
  5. Despite loving the premise of this I really struggled with it and nearly gave up. All of the characters are unpleasant, and I know that it's supposed to be like that but the coincidences and chance meetings were really irritating. I suppose it was trying to be a bit 'Forrest Gump', placing it's main character at the centre of significant episodes in modern history, but for me, it just doesn't have the heart that FG has, and I had to force myself to keep picking it up.
  6. I also got this for 99p on Kindle. I suggest persevering, MM, as the 'revelation' which is hinted at at the start, is quite shocking and throws the niceties and veneer of the dinner off-kiltre somewhat. It's a book about outside appearances, keeping one's image afloat despite turbulent undercurrents. I enjoyed it.
  7. Just popping by to wish a big fat wonderful wedding day to Lady L and Grammath. It seems far more appropriate to do it here than on Facebook (though I will be looking out for photos!) Hope those shoes have been well and truly broken in now, and that it's the start of a truly fulfilling life together. Good luck!!!!
  8. Well, after such a long break from you guys it's hard to know what to say, so I'll take the martinis thanks and come back with some words of alcohol-influenced wisdom later.
  9. I've just asked my OH whether he thinks of me as his girlfriend/live-in-lover/partner/whatever, and he replied "You're just my Susie". Fair enough. We've been together 8 years, lived together for 4, and have a 6 month old son. People always assume that we're married, including some of our newer friends, and I can honestly say I'm really not bothered what people think of or call us. As long as we both know who we are and what we mean to each other, everyone else can make up their own names for us.
  10. I can't imagine ever changing my name - I'm not even that keen on it, but it's who I am. I've had it for 40 years now, so I don't think I'd ever get used to being someone else, and it would be a right pain to change everything. The subject has reared its head (if only in my mind) recently as my son has a different surname. We only gave him my OH's name because it sounded better with Louis, so it's not an issue for us but I know other people get a bit overexcited about it. Don't get me started on miss, mrs, or ms - I hate all of them, but choose to be Miss H at school.
  11. jfp - Senegal is amazing! You should feel right at home as Dakar is often referred to as the Paris of Africa. I spent some time there in the early 90s with my ex who was posted there. We went all over West Africa, but Senegal was definitely the 'nicest' place. The women there are just the most beautiful, most well-dressed women I've ever seen! And the food - yum! Have a fantastic time. I'm so jealous.
  12. Woop woop woop!!! Many congratulations to you both - how exciting!
  13. It changed after the 2nd series I think. I'm not sure when Paul Abbott stopped writing duties, but that was probably when it started to get a bit silly. I gave up on it for a couple of series, as I just couldn't stand the Maguires, but I started watching again when I moved in with OH and they're growing on me!
  14. Is it wrong that I find Frank strangely attractive? Shameless is nowhere near as good as it used to be but still just as addictive, if only for Frank's tirades.
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