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  1. I just wanted to know if anyone else is an admirer of Pamela Hartshorne. I'm a massive fan of her 'time-slip' novels.
  2. I enjoyed the book and also the original TV series, but in my opinion the real star is Aloyisius!
  3. One thing that troubles me about YA (and, for that matter, children's) fiction is how it's sometimes seems practically impossible to find anything that's not do do with supernatural powers, witches, magic, and so on. I want to stress something here: I'm most definitely NOT a religious freak who thinks reading Harry Potter will damage the soul. I loved books with an element of magic myself and still do, and think literature for all age groups would be much poorer without them. But there is room for fiction without the supernatural element too, with characters relying on their intelligence a
  4. Thank you all very much for your kind words. I will certainly join in the forums.
  5. Hello, everybody, I'm called Debbie and I live in Lincolnshire. I couldn't imagine life without books! I enjoy historical novels (currently have a 'Thing' for Pamela Hartshorne, love Philippa Gregory, but also the more vintage ones I inherited from my Mum like Norah Lofts and Jean Plaidy), psychological crime, (Ruth Rendell, Minette Walters, etc) and much more besides, ranging from biography to chick-lit, also eagerly awaiting the next Donna Tartt! I write a bit myself and have had some poems and short stories published. Other than books my interests include music (mainly but not only c
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