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  1. Love, love, love, every single word of this post! (I so hope it's not a spoof.) Would also be mighty interested in your blog, too.
  2. I actually laugh out loud at the puns. Different audiences and all that ....
  3. Oh, well done you! I was going to have a go, but the thought of rereading "Day" was too offputting. Oops, shouldn't have told you that! But maybe you'll like it - the Costa Judges did, after all! Oh, and if you get through and you're looking for a companion to accompany you to the glittering award ceremony .......
  4. I have to agreen, MinxMinnie - a very enjoyable read. Adamson, one of the most psychopathic killers you'll meet for a long time. Here's my full review: ----------------- Sassenachs like myself can sometimes feel a trifle uncomfortable north of Carlisle. Like the time, I took my German friends round Edinburgh castle pretending to be of Teutonic stock because the very Scottish guide, Rab (I jest not), was relishing a little too much his descriptions of what happened to the invading English army as the boiling oil was poured over the ramparts. So it is that, when a character in a nov
  5. Bravo! A positive review of a book that is being slagged off something rotten ... I was having my doubts about reading it. So thanks, MrHG, I'll put it back on the TBR.
  6. Aye, but then you're in good company! Here's another list to add to your - er - list of lists. Around the world in 80 crime novels
  7. Canongate sent me a review copy on spec but, after reading the general discussion, I've decided it's not something I would particularly enjoy. That's not to say that another BGOer wouldn't like it. Just PM me if you'd like my copy to read. I'll send anywhere in the world. Surface mail to non-UK destinations.
  8. Anne Donovan’s debut novel, Buddha Da, was both critically acclaimed and avoided with a large bargepole by myself. Probably due to the fact that it is written in Scots. However, with a few more years in Scotland and the successful completion of Sunset Song, under my belt, I was ready to tackle the trials and tribulations of an adolescent Glaswegian female, particularly when Libarything offered me a copy for early review. Ok, so I’m a little late for this review to qualify as early. The book was published in the UK on 1st May. It was the Scots and the imagined effort that made me pick
  9. OK, Leyla. I've been debating the to-read-or-not-to-read question for a long time now. A review like that reserves a place for the book in my holiday suitcase!
  10. I'll be touring beautiful Bavaria.
  11. I have a system when going on holidays. This is how it will apply in 3 weeks time for an 8 day trip to Germany. Book 1: For the trip out - a short story in German and something relating to my destination. Not necessarily a travel guide. Could be a novel set in the relevant country. Book 2-3: Easy reading. Book 4: Some Scottish writing for the plane journey home. Right now the favourites are: 1) Critique of Criminal Reason - Michael Gregorio 2) The Semantics of Murder - Aifric Campbell 3) My Latest Grievance - Elinor Lipman or Hearts and Minds - Rosy Thorton (or both) 4)
  12. In which case you got two for the price of one ...
  13. There have been many requests for a negative review on this thread. Does this suffice?
  14. I agree, Leyla. It's a good read, though flawed. Here's my own review in full -------------------- Nancy Huston, a bilingual Canadian living in France, won the Prix Femina in 2006. She has since translated her French novel into English and now finds it shortlisted for the 2008 Orange Prize. That Prix Femina augurs well. It’s a French prize judged by a purely female panel ….. Huston’s novel is told in reverse chronological sequence. It’s not a device of which I’m particularly fond. The danger of knowing the end that is about to be uncovered can lead to a loss of interest and a
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