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    United Kingdom
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    - Reading
    - Coastal Areas
    - Learning New Things
    - Music (metal/rock/deathcore)
    - Piercings/Tattoos/Body Modification
    - Female Authors
    - Nature/The Environment/Plant-life
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    MaddAddam - Margaret Atwood

About Me


I am about to go into my final year of my A-Levels, I am studying English Literature, English Language/Linguistics and Sociology. I am a massive fan of body modification, I am planning my first tattoo and I have 3 piercings and plan to get more! I can also play the drums and can play guitar (sorta). My favourite movies are: The Breakfast Club, Where The Wild Things Are, Aliens and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower. My favourite food has to be either pizza (with lots of pineapple topping) or naan bread. I prefer Winter over Summer and my favourite animal is a pika!

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