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  1. In the beginning, you lived inside the Egg. That is where Crake made you. Yes, good, kind Crake. Please stop singing or I can't go on with the story. MaddAddam, Margaret Atwood (I adore this book, it's so funny)
  2. I have bought even more books! God help me I can't seem to stop Today I bought: The Blind Assassin - Margaret Atwood The House Of The Dead - Fedor Dostoieffsky Schrodinger's Kittens - John Gribbin (I have no idea how to do the accent) Sociology Themes and Perspectives - M. Haralambos A History Of Philosophy - Frederick Copleston
  3. Lately I can't seem to help but buy books! (Even though my reading pile is MASSIVE) Today, on my wanderings, I picked up 'Theo' by Ed Taylor. I have never heard of Ed Taylor before and the book itself was in the weirdest place? I was hunting for some wire meshing for my garden and I somehow stumbled upon this book in the gardening section of some random bargain store that I happened to walk into! I think the only reason I decided to buy it was because of it's eye-catching cover, but I am very eager to start reading it.
  4. CPG suffered a severe bout of 'post-partum depression' after her daughter, Katherine, was born. She was just seen as 'hysterical' and her claims of depression were classed as invalid because of her gender and the views on women's mental health at the time. She had to endure unusual treatments for her depression, such as being forced to rest in bed basically all day, but as Luna said she kept writing/working! Just a little background information/context for those who didn't know
  5. I finally received 'The Year of The Flood' and 'Dancing Girls' by Margaret Atwood, absolutely cannot wait to start reading The Year of The Flood! Oryx and Crake is one of my all time favourite novels and I can't wait to see what Atwood does next
  6. I am currently reading Gulliver's Travels by Jonathan Swift. 'A Great Reckoning' sounds really good Momac, I will have to try it out sometime
  7. Welcome Hickorygirl! Good to see another new member Like Momac said, hope you enjoy the forum! I'm looking forward to seeing your views and opinions!
  8. Feeling very frustrated! I hate it when online orders go wrong

  9. I have now finished this novel, I admit I may have rushed it slightly due to my eagerness to progress onto my next read however thinking back on the novel, it wasn't all bad and boring. What I find most amusing is that the character Aleck, who is introduced on page 227, was more interesting to me than Moses Herzog ever was. The character of Valentine Gersbach was also very interesting to me, but I think this was purely based off his aesthetics. I think the dynamic change in tone from the beginning to the end of the novel is very heartwarming and actually stimulates an emotional response in me, towards Moses. I enjoyed the narrative perspective of this novel, with everything being portrayed directly through Moses, I think this completely traps the reader and forces them to endure EXACTLY what Moses is enduring and feeling. After talking to a few friends about this novel, I discovered that it has autobiographical elements, for example both Herzog and Bellow lived in Chicago for a significant amount of time, share the same religious beliefs, and come from the same types of families. Very interesting novel, but I don't think I could re-read it. I think perhaps a good novel for my first group read? As there are different ways to interpret Herzog and it has the potential to be a good topic for debating.
  10. So I have been reading non-stop since my last post, literally not stopping for anything and I have just reached page 210 Not going to lie, it has been pretty boring so far however it is just starting to pick up slightly now. I do believe there are many strong points to this novel, such as the use of unsent mental letters and the opening sentence of the novel, which I really do like, but the amount of characters that are introduced and aren't really developed can be tiring and overall Herzog fails to keep my attention, but I think this is purely my personality and not the fault of Bellow or the book itself! I will keep trudging on, hopefully I can finish this book today! I have a massive pile of books to read and I would really rather be reading something more interesting!
  11. Unfortunately I have had no time to read! The last few days have been crammed full with essays and my university application, I am only 8 pages into Herzog so I'm afraid there isn't much for me to say at this point! I did once try to read Herzog when I was younger, maybe 14/15 years old, and I got about a quarter way through then stopped reading because I found it somewhat slow and not very interesting (I can't really remember much of what I read), however I think this was because of my age! I am finally free tonight and will try to read as much as possible and make a decent contribution to this thread!!
  12. I have just finished 'Lolita' and I have to say it was a very slow and unpleasant read. I am glad I have read it and I believe the plot of the novel was original and interesting, however I wouldn't say I enjoyed reading it. H.H. is a very disturbing narrator/character and the way he treats and views Dolores infuriates me to the point where the novel is just painful to read. I enjoyed reading the first part of the novel more because it was not long and drawn out like part two, also Dolores actually wanted to be with H.H. during the first part. I understand why many people like this novel and I understand why it is considered a classic, but I really didn't enjoy it and definitely won't be reading it again.
  13. Just got back from the Blyth Tall Ships event and I couldn't resist the urge to go to a local book sale and get some great books for cheap!! Today I bought: Macbeth - Shakespeare American Psycho - Bret Easton Ellis Great Expectations - Charles Dickens Gulliver's Travels - Jonathan Swift Woman In White - Wilkie Collins Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson Treasure Island - Robert Louis Stevenson All for £1.40!!! They are all in amazing condition too, 4 of my new novels are leather bound and from the same collection/series (tuns out they are from the 'Literary Heritage Collection' which was originally distributed by Heron Books) I have recently just ordered the rest of the MaddAddam Triology, Dancing Girls (also by Atwood) and the complete box-set of Penguins Little Black Classics. Let's just say I have a lot of reading to do before school starts again!
  14. I am currently studying this text in my 2 year Literature course (I'm going into my second year in September) and this has to be my favourite text out of the whole set I am studying (Othello, The Little Stranger and The Picture Of Dorian Gray). For me, this play massively focuses on conflicts within society, especially men vs women/masculinity vs femininity. Stanley and Blanche are the embodiment of the gender struggle/conflict that is rife throughout basically all of the play, Stanley is obviously portrayed as the typical American male at the time: with his hyper-masculinity and instrumental role. However Blanche can be seen as somewhat contradicting to the typical expressive role of women, and can therefore be seen as a threat (from Stanley's perspective) because she has her own free will and isn't under his complete control, unlike Stella. I really do enjoy this play a lot and I believe there is a lot to debate/discuss about it due to the issues Williams faces and addresses through character development and stage directions, I'm looking forward to seeing it in theatre soon!
  15. For me, I usually pick my books based off the cover and title of the book itself, I rarely read blurbs and will gladly read the work of an author I've never heard of before. I guess my method is purely based on aesthetics but I have discovered some of my favourite books due to unique covers and titles (Oryx and Crake!)
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