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  1. Titles That Are Also Sentences

    When will there be good news? By Kate Atkinson
  2. Which book are you reading ?

    At the moment am reading A Man Called Ove by Frederik Bakman. Ove is a Swedish guy for whom life is a constant strain and mystery, It is about all the funny and tragic things that happen in life and day to day stresses.It makes you laugh, but at times is moving, it's a new book, and well worth reading.
  3. Song Chain

    Park Life (Blur?)
  4. Victorian Novels and IQ

    I read loads of Dickens novels from aged about 11, so they don't require a high IQ ( not that I know what my own IQ is anyway).As others say, some other Victorian novels do, but surely that's just as true today in that people who read contemporary fiction are as variable in their reading? I would say the older novels have a better and more varied use of vocabulary plus words that are no longer in use, or regular use today.I generally read a mix of contemporary and very old novels and also nonfiction, and like both.
  5. Engleby

    This book is very uncomfortable reading, but it was meant to be.Really well written, and I felt sorry for Mike, he moved through the world only understanding a part of it, had no real social skills and was lonely.I thought that perhaps he was meant to be autistic, Aspergers perhaps, but maybe simply a sociopath. Trying to fit in but always an outsider.Having said that, his crime is horrific.
  6. I like Vampire novels with a bit of a twist, and although the Harris books are fairly standard vampires, the other weird things that happen are really different, I also like the Southern US feel of the books.