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  1. This is a old book but I remember it was on the bbc television series Jackanory. It featured one of those three-sided mirrors, the type that used to be on dressing tables. When a child looked in the mirror each of the three reflections took on a darker alter ego of the person looking in the mirror, can't remember if the reflections actually became real people or whether the reflections became 'controlling'. At the end I think the magic mirror had to be destroyed by being thrown off a cliff. The book would have been written in the 1970s or early 1980s I suspect, I was very young at the t
  2. I recommend the Thursday Next series by Jasper Fforde as an example.
  3. Is it because TV is not seen as intellectual? and not seen as a proper hobby? At least watching the telly all those in the same room have a shared experience, all in 'real time'. Even if people are reading the same book no one person will have reached the same point, and different people experience the same book in different ways, the experience is not shared. If I had a choice between never being able to watch the tv ever again or never being able to listen to the radio again, the tv would go. At least you are able to do something else while the radio is on. I have one small tv in the m
  4. I agree. Not just at music gigs but sporting events also. I met a friend for a drink the other day, we hadn't seen each other for a while and there was quite a lot to catch up on. He was checking his phone so often it was extremely annoying, he didn"t seem the least bit interested in what I had to say. Why come out in the first place? Why go to said concert or sporting event either therefore? it seems that it is more important for people to record themselves going to an event than enjoying the moment of actually being there.
  5. Some books are thought of as 'intellectual'and if you give up or find it too difficult to read then the attitude is that you are not intelligent enough. I put Finne hans Wake in this category. Surely it is just pretentious?
  6. Hi I'm Mick from Bristol, UK. I love reading anything, historical, non-fiction and autobiographies. I don't pretend to read fast 30-40 pages an hour if usually about my average and I can usually spare around 2 hours a day. As my age progresses I am beginning to realise that I may not get through all the books I want to in my lifetime. I do admire people that can read a lot faster than me and who can read hundreds of books a year. Wish I could.
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