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  1. Hi Minx! I was given a copy of this book by a friend who knows the author through a twitch "stream" his brother has.
  2. Dan, you and I are two peas in a pod. :lmao: When comic relief is done right, it serves a significant purpose to the book, elevates the dialogue and tempo. But when done poorly, and many do so, it just catapults the book to the ground.
  3. Dan, its not that it didn't work, it actually worked really well. My only issue is, I kept on thinking about the different factors every-time I came across them. Momac, thank you for that, Dracula in 1897 has an eerie vibe to it, I am sure it requires a particular taste. However this Whispers book took a different direction than Dracula the story felt like a comic mixed with super hero and villain with a taste of horror, perhaps more of paranormal. I wasn't thrilled about the comic relief, but im glad it was minor. What are your thoughts about a story adding some sort of a relief but not sticking to it, like a transition sentence
  4. Spoiler alert on the book Whispers by Aram Keledjian. The author takes a crack at the vampire lore in his own way. The writing style was impressive, but the way he changes the very essence of Vampire does not work for me 100 %. The reason why I chose to write about this is because I read the book a second time, and as much as I want to love it, these key points are not sitting with me all that well. points to look at and discuss: vampires have magic they do have a soul they come from another world, or at least their powers do there are more than one type of vampire, traditional and the kind in Whispers a demon or some crazy creature within like "naruto" vampires cannot fly powers can combine and posses their own magical attributes, this blew my mind Id like to get more minds involved on this. Would this be something that takes away from the story, or is this something that you wouldn't mind as much as I do.