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  1. When I wake up Yes I know I'm gonna be I'm gonna be The man who wakes up next to you
  2. Let this battle commence One last time, your safe If you're on our side Look what you've done to yourself Yeah you've lost the will, to know what's right again Look what you've done to yourself Yeah you've lost the will, to know what's right again We tried to, communicate. Lets settle this call. OK, time for Plan B - Enter Shikari
  3. Adrian, oh Adrian. Please may I join your exclusive club?
  4. Looks annoying, thank god my iMac can't play it!
  5. I couldn't resist! Love is in the air - John Paul Young
  6. Every kid on the whole damn street Was gonna make it big on every beat Now the neighbours cracked and torn The kids are grown but their lives are worn The kid's aren't alright - The Offspring
  7. Hah. I'm sure he's alot more peed off now Manchester United walloped Newcastle where it hurts! Awh, only 3 points now!
  8. I passed with merit, 4 marks off a distinction! Considering I thought I did erm badly, I think that's pretty good! Oh and thanks!
  9. Er...I am in Year 9 now! Choosing my GCSE subjects soon! Probably doing German, Music and if I don't get into a BTEC Engineering course, Art & Design. I did my Grade 3 on electric guitar...I still like football and went to see Reading with my uncle 'Bill'! Reading lost 2-0 to Bolton but it was a fun day nonetheless. So, that's me! I do support Manchester United still!
  10. Hah, I agree. At least that guy on Soccer AM this morning (Arsenal Supporter) agreed that arsenal shouldn't have played a reduced side. I wonder how your partner feels about Eduardo breaking his leg!?
  11. I think employing Keegan was a VERY bad idea, there are many other brilliant managers out there but I think they chose him because while he was there he did okay, but people lose their erm, (I can't remember the word but when they won't forgive someone for something)...so all the bad things that he did, have been forgiven. Though part of me thinks he is a good manager...he has done some good things. I still think they could've chosen someone better! That's what I think about that...and all I've got to say is Manchester United 4 - 0 Arsenal = Best scoreline in the world...ever!
  12. Hi! Hope it went well, looking forward to hearing about how it went!
  13. I don't have any allergies...I just have one phobia....deer, which isn't particularly good seeing as i live next to the most largely populated deer park!
  14. What became of the likely lads What became of the dreams we had What became of forever love What became of the likely lads? - The Libertines
  15. Don't wanna be an american idiot Don't wanna nation under the new media And can you hear sound of hysteria The subliminal mind f*c* america American Idiot - Green Day
  16. ....and your face and mouth they are so...
  17. So, seeing as the new series of Top Gear is approaching I thought we should appreciate the program and I wanted to know if anyone else liked it?!
  18. You lived your life Like a candle in the wind Candle In The Wind - Elton John
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