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  1. 1. War Of The World's (New One) 2. Day After Tomorrow 3. Star Wars Episode 4/5/6 4. Back To The Future 1/3 5. 30 Days Of Night 6. Bladerunner 7. Forrest Gump 8. About A Boy 9. The Terminal 10. Saving Private Ryan
  2. I go to the same school that Keira Knightly went to! Ah yeah, that's my claim to fame.
  3. I'm only 14 so I don't really contribute to like CO2 emissions knowingly (I cycle to school) I don't want to give up much really. I eat a little too much, but I go to gym, still....i should eat less.
  4. I feel Ronaldo completely ruined his chances of being liked at United by saying he wanted to join Real. If he doesn't want to play for United, I don't want to see him in a United shirt. Shame on him. Bring on Kaka!
  5. Yes Lee my son! I knew he'd win it! What a legend! He SO deserved it. He was so inspirational throughout the whole process. Everyone loved him! Ha! Love it.
  6. Despite being a united fan. This would now be my best case scenario! RONALDO - OUT for 50-60M Plus Sergio Ramos & Wesley Sniedjer. BENZEMA - IN for 25M Plus Silvestre and Saha (RUMOURED) KAKA - IN for 40M HUNTELAAR - IN 10-20M
  7. Yup, I think he's a great player. (Gigs - Giggs) Haha, I know, know. I don't really go to gigs. The last one I went to was Roger Waters about a year ago :)
  8. I don't understand this one? What is an artist inclination?
  9. I've exposed your lies, baby The end of me's no big surprise Now it's time, for changes And cleansing everything to forget your love My plug-in baby Crucifies my enemies Woahhhhhh!!
  10. I thought Raef was going to win it! Although he deserved to go, that was a BAD mistake. I want Lucinda to win, though I don't think she will.
  11. PARTISAN: The old name for the bend in a spoon. INCINERATE
  12. Oh, what became of the likely lads? What became of the dreams we had? What became of the likely lads? What became of forever love? Oh, what became of the likely lads?
  13. No Offence, but I really don't like cats. Kittens are cute. But aDult ones...eurgh.
  14. So, the season has been and gone and it's that time of year again. The transfer window is open and people are coming and going. Reading, as we know, have been relegated and are sure to sell some of their key players. Roy Keane is keen (haha) to snap up Stephen Hunt. The story with Cristiano Ronaldo is to be cleared up within the next 2 days. Fergie said ''I'd prefer to sit Ronaldo in the stands than sell him to Real Madrid.'' Hopefully Ronny'll stay. Coming into United, looks like Berbatov and Benzema are on their way in. Hopefully Philip Lahm will get bought in. Looks like Drogba's out from Chelsea :). I'm not sure about any other news with Chelsea. Apart from it looks like Scolari or Mancini are becoming the manager.
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