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  1. It's just so boring reading with evry1 else but then again at least ya learn sumink
  2. New Anthony Horowitz Book, Alex Rider In...ark Angel!!!!!
  3. i dont know let me see some of yours first
  4. HA HA lol plus i'm a manutd supporter i'm so stupid but maradona who could forget him 1 of the biggest cheats this world has ever seen but on the other hand, a first class player.
  5. on the 26th nov 04 i saw charlie from busted in the virgin megastore in London filming a prog for E4. (I'm Harriet's brother)
  6. I mean, i have to say this won't be a very popular forum but whatever. I say, 1. Pele 2. Cantona 3. Zidane
  7. THE GREAT ESCAPE is probably one of the best ever well-known theme tunes ever
  8. The Sixth Sense maybe or erm The Matrix LOL ocean's eleven, gone with the wind maybe
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