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  1. It's not out on mac yet but when it does I'm going to download it.
  2. I know it's a long shot, but anyone got 2x MGMT Shepherds Bush Empire that they want to sell for like £15-25 each?
  3. Anyone know if there's a velodrome near Kingston-Upon-Thames? I'm taking up cycling as a sport, I've been doing mtnbiking for about 3 years now and I want to start track cycling.
  4. The Sims 2. I just ordered it. MWAHAHHAHAHAHA.
  5. I reckon Reading will be lucky if they reach 1st or 2nd. If they reach the playoffs I think they'll win them depending on which other teams are involved. Birmingham will come high. Same same for Notts For. and Sheffield United. As for the Premiership, I hope Manchester United win. Chelsea will come close, Arsenal too. Liverpool are looking like a pretty strong side at the moment and so are some other teams, I think we may see a few shock wins maybe even a shocking top 4 this year.
  6. Oh dear - Manchester United went to penalties with Portsmouth. I'm worried about the new season
  7. +1 And I'll be back in ye olde England to watch it!! YIPPEE! I hope Fergie gets round to signing Berbatov before the end of the transfer season. It's also a breath of fresh air to hear that Ronaldo is staying, even though on all my FIFA 08 games, I've sold him. hmm. Oh well.
  8. Sisterly 723 pages. And still going strong. Woah!!
  9. Oh, My, Goodness, Gracious, Me. I just got back from the most amazing snorkelling trip. Fish fish FISH!! They eat bread like nothing else. It was immense. I also fed monkeys. They took banana from my hand.
  10. You've gotta love 'em. Anyway, Greetings from Thailand, Phi Phi Dom to be precise. I'm sitting in my hotel lobby following a massive tropical storm. It was incredible, rain, lightning, thunder...the works. Phi Phi Dom is a tiny tropical island, about 2 hours boat ride off the east coast of Phuket. It riddled with rain forest and reefs. The snorkelling is amazing. Plus, there's monkeys!!! I'm having a great time. Anyone else going/been anywhere recently?
  11. I think it's quite cool. Though I understand the argument. I was watching the news this morning and a lady said she went on it and she could she her cat in her window.
  12. There has been much conspiracy surrounding this great new invention. Basically, there's a few cars which just drive around cities and they have cameras on them. They take pictures and it creates a world which you can just...walk down. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7488524.stm
  13. Walking On Sunshine - Katrina & The Waves. A sub teacher at my school left K&TW 2 weeks before that song was released. hehe, gutted.
  14. Haha, that's incredible. Especially the one with Warwick Avenue. CRAZY Bizz.
  15. May 4th 2008. Graffiti artists join the legendary 'Banksy' to turn a blank, boring disused eurostar access tunnel into an exhibition. Here's the link to the full story and some pictures. http://pinewooddesign.co.uk/2008/05/04/the-cans-festival-banksy-street-exhibition/ I went there on sunday and I have to say it was all VERY impressive. I have some pictures but they are on my phone. Graffiti is art in the way that is is shown here.
  16. I went to The Hayward Gallery on the Southbank today. To see the 'Psycho Buildings' exhibition. It's just rooms, they are completely wierd....like one room had this like, dome. Made of translucent nylon-silk. Go in and you get a waft of cloves. It was very interesting. It finishes sometime in August if you want to go to see it. Look it up in google. I do recommend.
  17. +1 The new variations aren't very nice though (orange (orange) and tropical (green))
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