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  1. Apparently, the modern Mayan tribes say this is all crap, about world ending. It supposedly means a good change.


    I personally feel the whole thing is weird, there are so many prophecies that nearly confirm it, but so many just-as-convincing opposing theories. Sit and wait imho.


    also, OMFG - IT'S NOSPACESALLOWED. He hasn't been here in a while.

  2. You're life's about to flash before your eyes

    You're life's about to flash before your eyes

    Stand your ground; this is ancient land

    I was guided here by the spirit's hand

    We shall meet at Hell's Gate

    This is fate

    This is fate

    All is lost, the spirits cry

    You will be hunted we shall see

    First appearance celebrate

    Enter Shikari Enter Shikari


    Stand Your Ground; This Is Ancient Land (Enter Shikari) - Enter Shikari

  3. NSA - what a lovely surprise! I hope you are well?

    And how is your sister, who has been absent for even longer?

    Oh, she's just got back from travelling - she went to Vietnam, Nepal, India and Thailand. She was gone for 3 months. In September she's off to the Courtauld Institute of Art for 3 years to study History of Art :o


    And yes, I am well thank you.


    It's been a while huh?

  4. Clothes these days are nearly always made in the far east. However, most manufacturers are humanely making their products. I personally feel that, although I don't buy from places like Primark or Gap, that it won't stop others buying it. It's cheap and no guarantee that it was made in a sweatshop by a 12 year-old, though the chance.

  5. McCain - If he wins the White House, the world economic problems will just worsen, Palin is only in it because she knows she'll probably eventually be President, McCain is like 70-something.


    Obama - It'll show all those racists americans. He's on the home straight, COME ON OBAMA.

  6. I keep on getting that same thing with not knowing who's dead and who's not.


    The other day I was looking if Jeff Buckley was bringing out a new album, BUT oh no, he's died. I was really quite confused. What's more, he died in 98-99. Hmm. :rolleyes:


    Oh and Syd Barrett. He died in 2006, of pancreatic cancer.

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