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  1. I like reading books that are similar to each other. Especially similar to the wheel of time series. That is just me, though.
  2. I hope to begin reading his books, but there are so many books that he had written. I am not quite sure which of his books I should begin reading with. Any help?
  3. I read this during my teens and really love it. Hopefully, after I finish reading the fantasy books in my to be read pile, I will go back to reading classic books like Oliver Twist.
  4. I really enjoy his book oliver twist. I am trying to find time to read classic books written by authors in the past. But with the lack of time, I read mainly fantasy books. Still, I wish to allocate time to read a classic book for every ten fantasy books I read.
  5. I find it hard to find time to read books. For me, I want to read only books I truly enjoy. I am currently re-reading the wheel of time series.
  6. I am currently reading the great hunt by robert jordan. I am enjoying the book I read.
  7. I just bought a few economics textbooks, which I read for awhile and quickly lose interest in. I regret my purchase a lot.
  8. Which do you prefer? Ebook or physical book?
  9. I think children need to read more fiction rather than non-fiction. They are young and should be allowed to enjoy their childhoods. Non-fiction bring the child too quickly to the adult world.
  10. I enjoy oliver twist and enid blyton's circus series. And hardy boys series. These are books I love as a child.
  11. These days, with many things to distract the young, children prefer to do other things than reading.
  12. I had read some of the books in the list. Reminds me of my childhood.
  13. I usually avoid books like this god delusion. I had personally encountered too much miracles in my life to deny that God exists. Therefore, I do not see the need to prove or disprove God. I know God is with me, and I love Him like I will a father.
  14. I didn't like the main character in wheel of time series, but I enjoy the books a lot,
  15. Religion in itself is never good. However, for christians, it is never about religion. Rather, it is about having a relationship with Jesus.
  16. I used to love to watch TV, but not anymore. I prefer to read books now. I find watching TV to be a waste of time.
  17. I guess it is up to the citizens of UK to decide. I am a stranger, so I am unsure of whether it is good for UK to leave or not.
  18. I am surfing the net and replying to forum post. I will be reading a novel later.
  19. I am chongjasmine from Singapore. I love to read since I was a child. I especially love to read fantasy novels.
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