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  1. I started watching it about four weeks after it started, and was able to splurge - as David puts it - four episodes in three nights. Now I have to wait for a week between episodes, which is agony. As David summarises, the premise seemed to be that the children from the crash gradually came back, but Camille appeared to be the only one - until the closing moments of last week's episode anyway...
  2. I have been watching The Apprentice avidly since the second series - it's the only show of its type that I watch (ie so-called 'reality') and I start looking forward to it from the New Year onwards. So why, when Alan Sugar ALWAYS WITHOUT FAIL chooses the wrong winner in the final two, am I gulled into being surprised and disappointed? It happens every year, and it's happened again.
  3. Who says I'm never here? I always turn up on my birthday eventually. Thank you for your kind wishes.
  4. Thank you very much for your birthday wishes. As for BGO, I have you all to thank for keeping it going!
  5. Amazed that you knew that, Flingo! Thank you everyone, and sorry about the outdated avatar. Apologies that I haven't been around much (Dylan himself being partly to blame!) but David is doing a far better job than I ever did.
  6. I am delighted to announce that David has agreed to be upgraded from a moderator to an admin, with immediate effect. Until now, I have acted as the sole admin. However, regular users of this site will know that work and family commitments have meant that I have not been around much in the past few months. This has led to problems for the mods, as their powers are restricted, and they have been hamstrung because they have either had to consult me, or have not been able to perform actions which only an admin can do. I have complete trust and faith in David to make decisions for the overall
  7. Bill


    I have had a look at this thread and note Ian's request that his account be deleted. However, this will mean that all his posts will automatically be by 'Guest', which can be confusing. Given that Ian is a long-standing member with a post-count of 249, I think the simplest solution would be, if Ian is unhappy, that he simply stops logging on to the site. That way, his 249 posts can remain under his name. If Ian doesn't want this, then he can PM me, and I will go ahead and delete his account.
  8. I have checked Virginia's settings, and they are normal, so I'm afraid it's very difficult to know where the problem lies. It sometimes turns out to be that security settings on the computer are set too high.
  9. OK. I've been following this thread for a while but only now have time to think through my thoughts. To be honest, for the moment I'm going to stick to the status quo. There will be changes to the site, including an upgrade of vBulletin, but it won't be just yet. Please have patience. As far as the main topic of this thread goes, I would suggest that for now we stick to the old method, which I agree has been flawed from the start. It would certainly help though if members put the author's name and title in the subtitle of the thread. As David says, due to some strange quirk, this can
  10. I've moved this thread from Central Library. Thanks for that, Barblue. I'm delighted you like the show. We're very pleased with it, and I hope we've shown that being on a minority channel with a small budget doesn't mean you have to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And I'm glad too that the only part of the show you didn't like was the only bit I had no control over - the set! It's the same one as the first series, which I wasn't involved in and which was very different to this one (the series not the set). Grammath, the show should be on Sky 3 soon hopefuly, which is on F
  11. Just to let you know that the first episode of What The Dickens?, produced by me, goes out tonight on Sky Arts 1 and HD at 7.35pm. It's presented by Sandi Toksvig, with team captains Supersizer and recent winner of Maestro, Sue Perkins and comedian Chris Addison, star of BBC2’s Lab Rats and BBC4’s The Thick Of It. The first show features Robin Ince and John O'Farrell. If however, you can't access Sky Arts, or if you want to a little taster, here is an exclusive clip from tonght's show: http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http://www.skyarts.co.uk%2Fvideo%2Fvideo-what-the-dickens-series-2-e
  12. Theo Griepenkerl is a modest academic with an Olympian ego. When he visits a looted museum in Iraq, looking for treasures he can ship back to Canada, he finds nine papyrus scrolls that have lain hidden for two thousand years. Once translated from Aramaic, these prove to be a fifth Gospel, written by an eye-witness of Jesus Christ's last days. But when Theo decides to share this sensational discovery with the world, he fails to imagine the impact the new Gospel will have on Christians, Arabs, homicidal maniacs and Amazon customers.
  13. The 6th title in The Canongate Read is The Fire Gospel, by Michel Faber, author of Crimson Petal and the White. This is a hardback, which is not published until November 6th, and is being offered exclusively to Book Group Online subscribers. Canongate Books are kindly giving away 10 copies to UK-based subscribers, so the first 10 subscribers to put their names down on this thread will be sent a copy. If you are one of the lucky 10, please send a P M to canongatebooks (with your full name and address), and Andrea from Canongate will post you the book. Andrea will be following up this post
  14. Well spotted, David. It would be useful if I mentioned that. It's this coming Monday, September 29th.
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