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  1. A review of Corruption of Power by G W Eccles - By CR Putsche on 15 Dec. 2015 Format: Kindle and paperback “Corruption of Power is an action packed political thriller that is beautifully written and artfully plotted, with events mirroring actual real-life conflicts.” Catherine Rose Putsche Book Blog This is the second instalment in the Leksin series and follows main protagonist, Alex Leksin, who is an independent trouble-shooter, recently recruited by Prime Minister Saidov and President Karpev, to investigate a planned pipeline deal that involves shifting Russia’s vast energy resources t
  2. Peach Publishing has today published the second in the Leksin thriller series, Corruption of Power, by G W Eccles “This is the most original and well-crafted thriller I have read all year.” (Lambert Nagle, author) Synopsis: Independent troubleshooter, Alex Leksin, is recruited by Prime Minister Saidov when the plan to reduce Russia’s reliance on an ever more hostile Europe is put at risk. Hell bent on expansion, President Karpev’s strategy is first to shift the markets for his country’s vast energy resources to the East and Saidov has been charged with overseeing a planned pipeline for Russi
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