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  1. I think also,in Europe,football is more popular than Hockey.The adrenaline of a live game is something else.
  2. I am in Montreal,Quebec. I also will be doind laundry,some errands but will be done in a comfortable pace.
  3. Toronto Maple Leafs eh? Lol Habs fan here. Yes,I do understand that.it does take more than just liking hockey to keep up with a team and the changes every season.
  4. Has anyone listened to Slap Poetry? Two of my favorites: Neil Hilborn-OCD. Lily Myers-Shrinking Women. Very powerful stuff.
  5. Having my first cup of coffee,what is everyone up to for the weekend?
  6. Does anyone follow Hockey?
  7. I can't find these in a discussion so I made a new thread.I apologise if I. Missed it. Does anyone watch any of the following? Penny Dreadful or AHS?
  8. When my son was in college,that's when I got hooked with short stories. A Good Man is Hard to Find,is one of my favorites.some great suggestions here.
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