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  1. How do they pronounce it? The X-X? The 20 ? Double X? Only heard about them recently and I've wondered ever since.
  2. Good news Mark - fingers crossed it all goes well for you.
  3. Am relaxing watching someone else do our garden. Absolute bliss. Have had to lose a hedge that has been gradually leaning further and further over the path. Think the heavy snow earlier in the year was the final straw but it's been here since we moved in and it was like saying goodbye to an old friend - how sad is that?
  4. I can bake the scones! Gosh Mark - you're brave. I'm still psyching myself up to clearing out my spare room. I'm feeling lovely and relaxed. Had a gorgeous takeaway and have just watched the first episode of Castle. Was never going to be a bad hour as anything with Nathan Fillion it is going to be OK by me (drool) but all the characters in it work. It's pacey, not entirely un-original and laugh out loud funny in parts. Now 10 minutes into the second episode and although I think I know whodunnit I know I'm going to have fun waiting to find out if I'm right.*
  5. Just back from Glasto and had an amazing time! Saw more bands in three days than I had in three years. Rolf Harris, Corinne Bailey Rae, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, Vampire Weekend, Dizzee Rascal, Gorillaz - and that was just the first day! The Gorillaz were the only disappointment - far too self indulgent even with all the special guests and only redeemed themselves (in part) with Clint Eastwood at the very end. Willie Nelson somehow squeezed in nearly thirty songs in his half hour slot and I will never forget him singing 'You Were Always On My Mind'. I was so close to tears. Best of the rest of the days? Ade Edmonson and the Bad Shepherds (punk/folk?) still had me bouncing in ridiculously hot weather (30 degrees plus at some points), being blown away by the Pet Shop Boys' amazing stage show,getting hugged by a random passing Troll and Stevie Wonder singing Happy (40th Glasto) Birthday to Michael Eavis. Vegging out in the Green Fields, finding out that Composting loos do NOT smell, eating the best quality takeaway food EVER. Not so good points? Faithless weren't really my cup of tea, other people's inability to pee without liberally dousing the entire cubicle as well and inhaling about a pound and a half of the dust kicked up in five days of scorching weather. Overall did I have a good time? No. Did I have an absolutely fantastic, blow your mind, want to do it all over again (and again and again and again)? YesyesyesyesyesYES!!!!
  6. Holy Cow that was fun! No idea how they're going to get out of this one. Wish I'd recorded it and watched it next week as I can't wait to find out what happens next - yay for Steven Moffat!
  7. the gel ones that you click to get a couple of hours of heat from. Mental note to self... Pack gloves too - thanks Lady L!
  8. Thanks Grammath - I'm taking about a month's supply of socks and as many changes of clothes as I can carry. If it gets really bad I've got a couple of hand warmers and a secondary emergency poncho...always assuming I don't mind looking like a StarWars sand person - U-ti-ni!
  9. Sounds lovely- have a good time. I've been making a cake for my nephew's birthday and getting realiy quite excited about going to Glastonbury!
  10. Sorry about that, Gram. Hope something better is just around the corner for you.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  12. And if they're not playing it, they're talking about buying people to play it... I am missing Bones - loved the last episode but hated that it was the last.
  13. Hi Lyvit - nice to hear from you. Fingers crossed for success with your novella.
  14. I've had a nostalgic weekend racing through some old Readers' Digest condensed books my mum found. Normally I wouldn't read abridged versions but these were my Grandad's and I used to read them when I went to stay with him.
  15. Or at least consider you for parole.. Only joking - congratulations to both of you. Have finally got down to some work (well, inbetween posts on here...) after treating myself to a morning off watching films.
  16. I loved 'In The Loop' although I found it depressing - probably because I suspect it's far too close to reality for comfort. Really well acted though - Peter Capaldi terrifies me. Have just watched 'The Bucket List' and used up every tissue in the house. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman wind up in hospital together and the news isn't good. They work through a list of things they want to do before they kick the bucket and in the process learn more than they expected about themselves and each other. Apart from the superb acting, I think I appreciated the film because it doesn't pretend that anyone with a terminal illness suddenly becomes a saint. You get them warts and all - bitter, angry, petty, laughing and above all, human - right to the very last word. Have just ordered it off Amazon for a friend (through the BGO link!) and if anyone's interested, it's on special offer - £2.99. Not sure you could rent it for less.
  17. Hope you're feelng up to par soon, Meg. Vertigo's hell on earth. I am going here http://www.bill-storyteller.co.uk/Mouth.html tonight
  18. Nothing for DW as far as I could see. He did Men Behaving Badly though.
  19. I actually enjoyed last night's episode. Thought things were heading back in the right direction.
  20. I am surfing when I should be writing - Damn You, BGO!!!!!!
  21. A good thing? That it went as far as it did? When I can have my terms and conditions changed so I work longer hours for the same money? Or my husband made to take a change in hours that costs him at least a thousand pounds a year? Not convinced.
  22. I hate it when they do things like that! Our sofa is a big saggy old leather thing we got from my parents. It's at least nine years old and we probably ought to replace it because the leather's cracked quite badly. It's so comfy though that we're making do with throws over it at the moment. When it finally has to go, it'll be like saying goodbye to an old friend. Congratulations Kimberley as well by the way!
  23. I think I imagined Sookie to be a bit more fun and less earnest.
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