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  1. ...and some kind of aerial sticking up from its bottom. I think it's a scout for the full invasion fleet.
  2. No, sorry, you shouldn't be getting up until after one pm. 6/10 - must try harder
  3. Product placement for the L-shaped duvet company?
  4. lucyb

    40th Birthday

    Or maybe an empty photo album with clues in, each leading him to part of a photo of him main present which he has to put together to work out what it is?
  5. lucyb

    40th Birthday

    How about a treasure hunt? Clues to 40 presents hidden in places that would hold good memories for him? Most of them can be little ones but you could finish with one largish one or leading to a party?
  6. Paying for my car tax - ouch! I have to say though, doing it on line is far easier than queueing with all you documents at the post office. Had a bit of a panic as the system told me it couldn't find my insurance details but apparently that's because my renewal date is the same as the start date for the tax disc so I had to wait until a couple of days before it was due to apply for it but it still worked OK. And you get a 5 day grace period for the disc to arrive as long as you apply before midnight on the date it expires. The DVLA were lovely when I rang to check that too.
  7. To echo everyone else - welcome back Angel. So sorry to hear you've had such an awful time and hope the coming years and your new grandchild bring much more happiness for you.
  8. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    If I agree with Hazel (I do! I do!) can I please have a biccie too? The last autobiography I read was Michael Bentine's written after he'd actually HAD a life and it was enthralling. Do I want to read about a make up artist who knocks around with Ms Clown Makeup? No! You'd think at some point he'd have taken her to one side and whispered 'Jordie, baby - less is more'. If you were a plastic surgeon would you go round with Frankenstein's monster?
  9. I'm about to do a huge cook and fill the freezer with nice things.
  10. Well finally got to see it. Nowhere near as bad as I was expecting and I was already in quite a giggly mood which helped immensely, as did the company I was with. The first half hour was a bit of a struggle though.
  11. Oh, heck - what a week (month?)! Hope the pizza helped
  12. Never told anyone this before 'cos I don't come out of it well: I worked in a canteen to help pay for Uni and there were certain things we had to do at certain times (e.g. the microwave got cleaned every evening). One of the the things we had to do weekly was wipe down the walls to 'hand height'. So I did. I cleaned everything up to waist height, which was about where my hands came to. Never occurred to me they actually wanted me to stretch them above my head...
  13. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    Never use your dad's work shirt to tie-dye pink?
  14. Oooh - fingers crossed. And meant to ask - what did YOU think of the ceilings in your prospective new home?
  15. Just about to go for physio on my back - half an hour or so of unbelievably precisely delivered pain vs months of freedom of movement...hmmm
  16. Oh, MarkC - you surveyor has really cheered up my morning. I don't even care that it's raining any more
  17. Good luck with it Gram - wish you all the best!
  18. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    Yup- add another name to the Mykola Pawluk not a woman shock brigade. I miss old credits - I used to love the stuff they crammed in at the end of things like Blackadder!
  19. Jeff Wayne for me. Went to a signing session having seen the live show of War of the Worlds the night before. Planned to say how much I enjoyed the show and it came out as a gushing 'you were wonderful last night'. I still cringe.
  20. Ooh ooh ooh! Mega idea! How about you offer to look after RR so your neighbour can spent time uninterrupted with his old friend?
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