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  1. That's really useful thanks - I'll have a look once the insurance have come and gone (we had a bit of a leak - nothing that new lino and paint won't cure).
  2. If you get some advice about who is legally responsible for what it might make it easier to keep yourself on track when you talk to your neighbours. Maybe the builder could suggest a temporary solution? It's probably not the first time they've encountered something like this? Good luck, whatever you decide to do and I'm sorry this ill-controlled mutt made you wary of dogs.
  3. Mine (the actual Lucy) is asleep at my feet. Thankfully too big (and too old and lazy) to make it to the keyboard. Is this the thread you're looking for? http://www.bookgrouponline.com/forum/showthread.html?t=7552&highlight=Sherlock+Holmes
  4. [removes 'hedonistic' from her mental vocab book] Things aren't actually stable at work at the moment wher job security is concerned so I'm trying everything! I think I remember you talking about this on another thread. How long did it take you to get to editor stage? The bit I really hate about writing is flinging things off into the great unknown and then kicking your heels waiting for them to come back. And waiting. And waiting. And, just as you start to get your hopes up that this one's been away so long that someone, somewhere must be taking an interest, it slaps back down on your doormat, unwanted and unloved by everyone by you. Sigh. Well, I haven't actually got a doormat, but apart from that...
  5. Oh, bum. This isn't the password protected part of the Writer's Circle, is it?
  6. Thanks for the heads up Viccie - I wasn't trying to be flippant, I promise. Although you're right and M&B aren't my preferred choice, they are a bit of a guilty secret for when I'm feeling girlie. (You notice I post this on the only password protected section of the site!) It's an idea I've been kicking round for a while and I've been on the M&B site and dissected quite a few of the books to break down the style and emotions in them. As I understand it with NaNoWriMo (this is my first year) you can do all the planning and prep beforehand as long as you don't start writing the actual novel before the start of the month so most of that is boxed off for me. To be honest, I'm not sure whether or not I will suit this particular genre and hoped that if I was working to a deadline I'd have to just suck up the wobbles and insecurities and get on with it.
  7. Have just been watching the latest series of Deadliest Catch and have been crying buckets. I am such a wuss.
  8. First thing I thought, Claire! Might give it a go this year. I was toying with trying to do a Mills and Boony type book and 50,000 words is about their range. November here I come!
  9. Could you spoiler your comment about the end please Nonsuch in case anyone has it recorded? I saw an advert for this and had planned to watch/record it but it somehow passed me by. Still don't understand how 99% of the time there's nothing worth watching and yet I still manage to have stuff backed up on Skyplus I never seem to get a chance to catch up on.
  10. I'm busy filling our freezer with a month's worth of food. So far we have pepperoni pasta bake, beef stew, cottage pie and a chilli that will take off your eyebrows at twenty paces. Think I may have overdone the cayenne slightly
  11. oh I really hope so! Getting excited already hope you're feeling better Luna,it's horrible when you can't do anything.
  12. And finally got through! I have two tickets
  13. waiting for the Glastonbury ticket lines to open up.
  14. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    It is! It's covered! Finally
  15. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    Absolutely! Morning Tay - rant ahead about roadworks they're always good for it just had the happy though that I may actually be covered for plumber call out through united utilities - things may be looking up
  16. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    Ok, that's it! I have had enough! I don't know who I offended to make my karma this bad but I'm really, really sorry! The mutt's still recovering from her op, my car wing mirror got kicked off, they're starting to kick around the idea of redundancies at work and now we've found a leak in the bathroom. Looks like a small one but the floor covering's knackered and, like all of the above, I suspect the repair/replacement is going to shuffle in at just below the insurance excess. Such a good month don't you think? OK, rant over, feel better now. Of course, anyone who wants to say 'there, there' is more than welcome to do so... ;p
  17. Hello to Binker's friend in case you're surfing as a guest! Really peeved. Just enjoying my first real night's sleep since the mutt had her operation and a couple of scallies went down the road kicking off wing mirrors. No idea how much it's going to cost to replace because it's electric (last time it was over £100) but it's trying to fit it into the whole dogsitting schedule as well and I'm just a bit ticked off. I have reported it but, being realistic, there's not a lot the police can do with my stunning description of two receding backs seen from a distance. Grrr.
  18. Apparently this is more common than you'd think. MOH's office is in a block and he says three or four of their windows have pigeon patterns on them. Says a lot for their window cleaners!
  19. Am calming down now! She had to go back to the vet this morning because she pulled her drain out and I had a chance to talk to the vet properly. Hopefully if we manage her diet and keep an eye out for signs she's having problems we'll amble on together happily. Thanks for asking Glad to have you back, Meg - pasta cheese and tomato sounds like heaven to me! FLS - good luck with your paper.
  20. Thanks. The operation went ok but the bloodtest they did beforehand showed she has liver damage. We'll need to change her diet and she'll need steroid injections which will hopefully get it under control. Just hoping for best case scenario at the moment.
  21. Spending the week at home with the dog as she's had another operation. Timeto catch up on mount TBR and get some writing done methinks...
  22. Ahoy me hearties! It be Talk Like A Pirate day again an' I be wantin' to share this with ye. Splice th' pieces of eight te double our gold reserrves - that be how piratin' be done now! Yarr!
  23. Glad it went well for you - hope you both have many years of happiness ahead. x
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