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  1. Good luck with that FLS - hope the deadline motivates you to great things. I'm having an uncharacteristically long lie-in, and it's been lovely. Need to get up before I push it too far and get the lazy headache.
  2. Faure's Requiem and Messe Basse. apologies if I've spelt it wrong.
  3. Just started watching season two. As they're only vaguely following the books i can still wonder what's going to happen next. Eric is starting to grow on me...
  4. Half assed plot described it perfectly. I wonder if there's going to be a male/female split on this though. I spent a lot of time thinking things like 'how come Daisy disappeared?' (really though it was going to be her standing behind Kemp at the farmhouse) and wondering why the door switched from being a good thing to a bad thing and back again depending on the episode. MOH loved the last two episodes, though not sure about the revival at the end either. Not the vamp he thinks Daisy would have brought back.
  5. Currently going 'whoo-hoo! Yippee! Yeehah!!!! It's the WEEKEND ahahaha, ahahaha, WOO! It's been a long week.
  6. lucyb

    Rest in Peace

    There seem to have been so many already this year.
  7. Noooooo! but it said caffeine free on the box
  8. Thanks for the advice folks. I'm normally good with no caffeine in the evenings so I don't think it's that. Having some green tea now and going to curl up with a hot wheat pillow x
  9. Ditto it's 3 am and I still can't get to sleep. Work tomorrow (well,later today) is going to be interesting.
  10. lucyb

    Have a Rant!

    Or in a sensible place. Like 2 biscuits in and not a third of the way down so loads of biscuits fall out when you finally get it open!
  11. Mild? MILD?? Went to turn the heating back on 'cos it's freezing here and I swear I just saw a brass monkey wander past carrying a welding torch...
  12. Babysitting the dog, who's had another outbreak of dermatitis, instead of going to my evening course. Knew getting ahead of the game on coursework was tempting fate. Am seriously considering asking our payroll department to just transfer my salary every month direct to the vet. Sigh.
  13. Yay! Just finished the first draft of the script for my course. And it's the right length! Double Yay! And I actually like it! (Not enough 'yays' in the world to cope with that level of astonishment.) Of course I now have to go into work... not so yay.
  14. Oh, not again! I haven't calmed down from the Large Hadron Collider thingy yet....
  15. I changed my name when I got married and didn't really think about it. Of course, my old name was full of innuendo. The new one is shorter and I like it. Don't mind being a Mrs, however I did find it a bit odd when letters arrived to Mrs [MOH's Given Name] [MOH's Surname] from his elderly relatives. That kind of felt like my identity was leeching away.
  16. Whatever you feel like calling yourselves, I hope you'll both be very happy.
  17. I once went to a wedding where the groom changed his name by deed poll back to his mother's maiden name and then both bride and groom took that name. They didn't tell either side of the family beforehand either. Probably the most confusing wedding I've been to. Also the shortest marriage I know of as well.
  18. Oh wow that sounds lovely! Just need a film to watch it with now
  19. Nice to meet you Tad To Kill A Mockingbird is a one of my favourite too.
  20. Bit behind everyone else but congratulations to both of you.
  21. Sounds interesting - what are you reading?
  22. lucyb


    Well that's the excuse I'm going to use the next time I'm late for work!
  23. Looking at the original story, it's got more in common with crimes previously committed that with a Kathy Reichs story. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_Ruxton if you want more details. I would say it's rare that someone manages to kill someone or dispose of a corpse in a way that would surprise the police. Horrify, maybe, but surprise? I doubt it. Maybe it even helps in tracing the crime to them - to quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (or Sherlock Holmes if you prefer) "What is out of the common is usually a guide rather than a hindrance". The monstrous thing is that this man killed someone, not how he disposed of the body.
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