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  1. Princess Poppy: Saffron's Wedding ~Janey Jones
  2. Read this on holiday. Really wanted to slap Hortense sometimes. Felt angry and ashamed at the treament of the Jamaican characters. As mentioned before the Michael Roberts character link into the other characters was a bit of a stretch but it didn't stop me from wanting the end storyline to 'complete' with the revelation. (How sad am I?) I am now going to seek out other Levy novels.
  3. By far of all the Dan Brown books I found this the most enjoyable. A suspension of belief when he leaps out of the 'plane is required but I thought the plot was very fluent. I read this a couple of years ago in Canada right after the Da Vinci Code - prior to the publicity hype for DVC - and appreciated it for what it was - a right riveting read.
  4. I have promised myself that when I retire (4 years) I will read more of the classics but I would much rather read for enjoyment than for 'improvement'. I was on holiday recently for 2 weeks and I read 18 books. None of them would be regarded necessarily as 'classics' although a couple were prize winners (Whitbread/Booker) but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am tempted to join a book club but am slightly scared off by the prospect of book snobs. I enjoy a wide variety of styles and don't want to make reading a chore.I have recently joined this website and want to be directed to books I might normally have disregarded. (Bizzarely I have enjoyed many books I chose because of the interesting cover - how girly!!!! - how fortunate!!!!)
  5. I saw Hostage yesterday - developed from the Robert Crais novel. Pretty good film - dark and full of suspense. It has been a couple of years since I read the book so I was neither disappointed nor excited by the transformation from book to film but I am sure there are very strong views about other adaptations. Do you have any examples?
  6. I agree - Harlen Coben is very good. Many of his novels have a sporting theme as one of his main characters is a sporting agent. Nothing overly complicated but good stories.
  7. I have always loved books but when I am so busy at work which involves a lot of computer stuff I am goosed when I get home and find it difficult to get into reading. However, I have just returned from a 2 week break in Tenerife (on my own) and I read 18 books. It was the perfect holiday and has re-energised my love of reading. I was delighted to find this site and hopefully it will keep me supplied with lots of reading ideas.
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