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  1. Hello! I found out about Book Group Online through BookCrossing. I'm not very good at discussing books, but maybe this will help. I like to read almost anything and I usually read about 2 to 3 at a time to get them read faster. It's hard to squeeze fun reading in between school reading. I read whenever I have spare time, including riding in the car or... other private times. I enjoy reading the posts here, what an intelligent lot of people! I look forward to learning and sharing with you. ~Dixie
  2. I finished reading this book a few weeks ago. I've been on a 'travel books' kick lately, reading people's memoirs. What I really enjoyed about Ariel Gore's book was that it wasn't only a travel book, meaning not only a 'this is where I went and this is what I did there' story, but it was highly personal. I think it was so in part because she didn't just travel here and there, but she seemed at home no matter where she was. I have her book Breeder and I'm looking forward to reading that, too. Hopefully there are others who enjoy her writing as I do. (These travelogues that I've been reading make me want to pick up and go!)
  3. At first glance this wouldn't have been a book I would read, simply because of the words "Time Traveler's" in the title. I don't read sci-fi because I just can't understand it, which makes me think readers of sci-fi are very smart people. The funny thing is that I absolutely can suspend disbelief when reading or watching movies, so things that may have been ridiculous didn't really bother me. I developed an affection for both Clare and Henry and practically had the book in one hand at all times so I could read about when they met again, and would they stay together and what would become of Henry. I also enjoyed the 'supporting cast' EXCEPT for Clare's friend's boyfriend. I can't remember his name. I also thought this was more a love story than a time-travel book, but I did enjoy both elements of it. I guess sometimes I like my stories to be a little on the unbelievable side.
  4. Is this group still functioning? Or has everyone gone to the other group? Just checking!
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