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  1. hey man, find an event which particularly gripped you about your own life, and spiral everything else around that, like a maypole- doesn't have to be at the beginning. I have to organize my organizing, but then I get neurotic about it, so bad my front sections of brain actually start feeling used up. That feeling has yet to go away, actually... maybe I should cut back for a while... ;( don't get like me. Pace yourself. the thought that will set it off will occur to you; just set your subconscious to work on it, check back every so often, and soon, before you know it, it will pop out a wing-zi
  2. Hello, all! There is this book I am looking for; it just re-occurred to me after years of having forgot about it, and I would very much like to acquire it. Man I have read SO MANY fantasy fiction books, it's nuts. anyway... (re-edit: Oh could someone please move this to the dedicated book finding thread? I thought this was it... I have a reading comprehension problem and it's annoying in the wrost ways... despite having been a spelling champion in school! heh.) BOOK I'm LOOKING FOR: The main character, or at least a very important side character, is a middle aged mage/sage/wizard na
  3. durrr... Hi! Came here and just about died with relief after discovering you had a library section where I could post about finding books. bit of a reclusive introvert, fanfiction producer and unpublished writer, me, but, if you get to know me, I guarantee an interesting if short friendship. It's too exhausting to maintain friendships for me, very sorry for that) love and laughter, fellow humans. now bye. That's enough socializing for one day.
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