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  1. A J.D Robb book (something "Death.." in the title) . Payed 14 Euro. and after 7 pages- I was beyond irritated by her extremely superficial stereotype characters and settings.
  2. *WARNING MIGHT CONTAIN SOME FOUL LANGUAGE* Ok, From the moment I opened it up on the first page and read "the more he was pleading and the more his eyes got wetter the more my p*ssy got drier" I knew, it was time, to munch on a Irvine Welsh book again. ok, the plot (without giving away ay spoilers) is roughly- Taken from AMAZON (I edited slightly) "When Lucy Brennan, a Miami Beach personal-fitness trainer, disarms a gunman chasing two frightened homeless men, the police and the breaking-news cameras are not far behind and, within hours, Lucy is a media hero. The solitary eye-witnes
  3. No, it's not about rich and powerful can sue. It's about Rich and powerful have other things on their mind-other things to defend: money, their villa's, the social status. The desperate have nothing, so they have to cling on to something.
  4. Oh, for those who have read it. The part where he tries to pick up the first girl had me in tear. I'd walk by her and casually said "I love you" as if I was asking for blakbkb.
  5. ...And by the way, I, in a million YEARS would have never ever ever Bought or even flipped through a book called "family life", if it wasn't for this forum.
  6. Finished it. I think this book is very important for the U.S.A: It should be required reading at schools. It would sensitize (hopefully) a lot of the youth..or try at least.
  7. am at 60% and so far..it's making hate Americans... (it will last for the course of the book, afterwards, I'll love them again)
  8. I'ìm reading it right now. So, far it's gripping. It's a real fast read. My only problem is that, he skims over some parts which I'd be interested in hearing more about. For example, he talks about the bullying in school-in one page-I would have liked a little more depth i.e:his first day of school,etc. But I'll keep on reading
  9. Thanks to your review-I learned how Sandra Newman is. (coincidently, I had a book of hers home). The review made me not like the book, BUT curiousity has to why she'd chose such a title, made me look her up, I checked out some of the first pages of her books, and though 'Ice cream star' is NOT my cup of tea. CAKE might be. I putting it in my to read list. I came to this site to find book like these :Cake
  10. I once went into a BIO reading binge (cause they were the only books I had available in that period..long story) Anyway, the only books they had were rockstar BIO's..some I didn't even know who there were. Now, all these BIO's were the same. family, starting the group (all this in 10 pages). They become famous(from page 10 till 20)..then them doing drugs and trying to quit.(from page 20 till page 400 ) Boring books. All of them were repeats of the other ones, all aside from one: about a group called MOTLEY CRUE (I don't like the group, and never cared for them)..YET, the author, ma
  11. Even thought it's a BIO. It has to have a plot. Like a HIGH POINT, and a low point. So, since you're not famous(i.e A singer, or an actor). I'd start right away with something "TENSE" or some sort of TWIST. Then in the second chapter you can go back, and tell us about your childhood, etc.. But just telling us went you were born, means nothing, unless, there's a reason to read your BIO.
  12. @Momo : I'm about to begin this book, but just so, I know wheter to take your review to heart. Can you tell a couple of books you really like, and a couple you hate. Or to anybody who thought "we were orphans" was a let down. Can you answer the same question.
  13. this is sound like fun.. I'm interested
  14. FINISHED IT: Look who's BACK Review:(you already know the blurb) Now, the book is written in the 1st person-Hitler's point of view. Which makes the book really funny- It's mostly based on he interprerts everything form the INTERNET(most have been done by the supreme race) to MEDIA to how germans decour their houses at X-mas ( the old german use to have Kitsh decorations, which implied they were simple) Overall, I think it's funny, BUT there's too much infodumping, by Hitler, everything was a comparison to his past- To Himmler, Goebls, when he was a painter,etc.. Informative: yes
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