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  1. Currently reading (upstairs before sleep) 'What Have I Done?' by Amanda Prowse, a novel about a woman, who after decades of sickening physical and also mental abuse by her husband, finally snaps and kills him, the effect this has on her children, and her. Brilliant read, if uncomfortable at times. And (downstairs for afternoon reading) is 'A Gift to Remember' by Melissa Hill, the story of Darcy, who works in a New York bookstore and who one day accidentally knocks down a man who's out walking his dog. He is rushed to hospital, she is left with the dog, determined to reunite them. According to
  2. It's a cold Sunday here in North Norfolk, the sun was out and doing its best, but even that's given up now, so not even sunshine to brighten the day after what has been a slightly traumatic few days in our household. But I've just made some soup for lunch, and prepared what I call pork olives for tea - bashed out pork steaks till they're thin, spread with stuffing (chestnuts added to this one), roll up, brown in the frying pan, and braise in the oven on top of chopped root veggies and stock for a couple of hours so they are melty and soft and flavoursome. Just the food for a cold wintry day.
  3. I saw the film before reading the book, so the book felt like a disappointment. I've never got on that well reading her books anyway!
  4. Hi, I'm florrieblunder as you can see, a new member on this site, hoping to find like-minded people who just love to read and talk about what they've been reading. There are so many reading challenges out there at the moment....popsugar.com has one with about fifty sorts of books to read - a book that was turned into a play, your favourite book from childhood and so on, the youmeandacupoftea blog has one, as does 'good reads', I'm doing the first one, and it would be easy to cheat since one book can tick off about four categories. But I'm not going to do that, wouldn't be much of a challenge i
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