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  1. It is certainly keeping me awake because I am still trying to find out when the story gets going. Slow boring and complicated, not my best choice this week but I will try and finish it.
  2. I like the Children's society shops but Oxfam and Break are very expensive for books. Animal charity books are very good and you get some great quality books too
  3. It has to be Clive Cusslers Dirk Pitt. I love finding Clive Cussler in the books too as he is always mentioned as a yachter
  4. Just picked up her novel Deadly Intent. From page one it is a real page turner, not over complicated in plot with sub plots and boring dialogue, with a new love interest and a former lover in her mind the DI is as usual displaying her maveric side against a power hungry bullying boss. My first novel by this crime writer and I am now looking for more of her work
  5. The Death and Life of Dith Pran by Sydney H. Schanberg. Just got home from Cambodia and we were shown where the Killing Fields were and also visited Mekong Town where the US bombed the town by mistake.
  6. What about Edgar allan Poe. some of his works are rather tortuous
  7. I thought the ending of Needful Things, IT and The Stand were very odd and abrubt. IT had a very disappointing end. Otherwise the storylines were brilliant. I started reading Christine when I was about 15, now at 40 I re read it again and really loved it. I have yet to read some of Kings earlier novels. Some of his later works have been hard work. Now Geralds Game I thought would be a boring first person account but WOW what a very well written book, the dialogue was so good King should have won an award.
  8. I have just finished my review copy of Die Laughing. George Korankye It is a humourous account of those who lived and died from WW1 to WWII It is very funny and there are some sad, sometimes black humour stories but all in all it is a great read. I sent in a few anecdotes my grandfather told me about the War so will be looking out for these. It would make a great Christmas present for an elderly relative who lived during the war or a book for children who should learn about the funny side of conflict.
  9. Will there be any new James Herbert this Christmas?
  10. To get away from real life. I can get sucked into a good fantasy novel and forget all about real life for a few hours.
  11. Shaun Hutson is the best UK "Torture" author. Richard Laymon in the US is good too
  12. Hi I have been offline for so long and am glad to be back on the forum. Illness has been the main problem but so far so good I am ok now, well for a while anyhow. Looks like I have a lot of catching up to do. Colin.
  13. Have you ever dropped a brick? Ie said something embarrasing in front of someone. Whilst browsing my library this evening i re read Robert Moreleys Book of Bricks ISBN 029777239 where celebrities re call their own embarassing interludes. This reminded me of a party i attended last year accompanying a female friend with her parents. whilst standing with her father the host came up and pointed to the girl sitting on a sofa and said to us both. "See her over there? That's the Village Bike!" This post was offensive on many levels. I have edited out the most offensive part, plus the name of the person concerned, and her home village. Can other contributors to this thread please not post personal details of identifiable people (even if they are not BGO members)
  14. Started mine at 12:30am on the day of release and finished it twelve hours later. Thankfully by reading the other six I knew the backround of the characters and there were many references to the other books. I do not know what to do now the series is over, I don't think I (We) will ever see another author like this in my (Our) lifetime. BTW is there any difference in the adult version or just the book cover so adults are not embarrased reading it on the train?
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