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  1. Just finished listening to Erebus Tay and you're right, it's excellent!
  2. In The Name of the Family is the second of Sarah Dunant’s duology about the Borgias, and Lucrezia in particular. The Pope and Cesare are tightening their grip on central Italy in their drive to gain ever more power for the papal states while Lucrezia is about to be married into the highly aristocratic d’Este family Dukes of Ferrara, who would never have a deigned to ally themselves with the bastard child of an upstart pope if it wasn’t for the size of her dowry. One of the best parts, out of many good things, about this book is the charecterisation, no-one is two dimensional, they are a
  3. I'll admit to not having finished this yet. I raced through the previous two but this is so wordy that I just don't have the urge to pick it up. Also I know what happened to Cromwell and having lived with him through the other two books I'm rather reluctant to go there.
  4. I can't watch/read anything which has people being buried alive. Sends me into shuddering meltdown. Also I'm deeply suspicious of any so-called psychological thriller that has the female lead (it's always a she) who has a dog or a cat. It always comes to a sticky end and as well as being a lazy plotting cliche I cannot stand cruelty to animals.
  5. I'm confused here, did Kate Summerscale get to see the diaries? it sounds very interesting.
  6. I read Bitter Wash Road and wasn't wildly impressed, I can't remember why, are the Wyatt books better?
  7. From the back: "Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace." Given the title you can get the gist of the plot. Oh goodness this was bad. It claims to be a gripping, shocking, million copy best seller, ok it was a best seller but unless you’re gripped by juvenile writing and cardboard characters it’s neither gripping nor shocking. I gather the end made up for quite a bit but I didn’t get that far.
  8. Published in about 2002 this is the beginning of a series set near Ely featuring a local journalist, Philip Dryden who has a wife in a coma following a car accident two years previously. It’s the depth of winter and freezing cold. A car is found dumped in a drainage ditch and there is a body in the boot which appears to be linked to a violent robbery on World Cup day in 1966. Shortly afterwards a corpse that has been there for at least thirty years is found on the roof of Ely cathedral. Philip believes the two might be connected and is soon being warned off investigating any further
  9. The Kingdoms by Natasha Pulley, a birthday present.
  10. I was a member of Palimpsest too and kept my head firmly under the parapet as the mods there made me feel stupid. Quite different to here! I've been here since 2005 which amazes me, I had no idea it was so long!
  11. The Miseducation of Evie Epworth is a coming of age story set in 1962 and is great fun. 16 year old Evie has to decide what she wants to do with her life while trying to free her farmer father from the clutches of his busty housekeeper Christine. It's hardly great literature but it's lively and very funny in places. I have two small quibbles. Firstly in the opening scene Evie catches sight of a neighbour with a cow. All I'd say is to do that either it was a minature cow or he was standing on a box. Nuff said. Secondly, Christine gets rid of the old friendly Aga and replaces it with
  12. Me too, so do the dogs. I know I ought to get up at 6 to walk them before it's too hot but that's when it's nice and cool in the bedroom so I'm properly asleep. They usually don't get to go out until about 9 as a result and it'll be about 22° by then and 25° when we get back - definitely too hot for comfortable walking unless there's shade.
  13. It was Kate Chisholm's Fanny Burney - her life. Yes, I thought it was excellent.
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