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  1. Snap

    I enjpyed this, ripped through it in no time at all but I'm completely bemused about why it made the Booker longlist.
  2. Book Chain

    The Well at the World's End - William Morris
  3. It's very weird! That's why I'm still in two mibds about it. Still a book that makes you think isn't half bad...
  4. Currently Reading

    My view of Little Women has been completely changed by Samantha Ellis's How to be a Heroine. What she wrote about how the underlying theme of LW is about the girls having to suppress their natural natures in order to become a proper little woman rings so true that I don't think I could read it now.
  5. Of course! I'm longing to read the new Kate Atkinson and Patrick Gale and if I chance on a series I really like, such as Anne Cleeves' Shetland series I can't wait to get my hands on the next one. As for a good bookshop....
  6. Review of 2018

    My stand out book of the year is Trio by Sue Gee though I read a lot of good books. I can't really remember much stand out TV though like Meg I really enjoyed A Very British Scandal. I'm trying to think of which films I've seen in the cinema but apart from The Book Group and Bohemian Rhapsody my mind's gone blank - we did rewatch our never-to-be-deleted recording of Casablanca. It's still wonderful! I rediscovered The Proclaimers so have lots of good car music.
  7. This is a very strange book - probably made even stranger for me as I bought it as a special deal for my Kobo knowing that it was on my wish list but having forgotten anything about it so I started reading with no preconceptions whatsoever. It starts with a man waking up in a dripping wood, he's given a compass by a stranger and sees a woman being pursued and shot at. All he knows is that she's called Anna. He findsout eventually that he's called Aiden Bishop but he isn't in his own body and he's told by a masked stranger that a murder, which won't look like a murder will be committed today and that he has eight chances to solve it. The next day he wakes up in a different body and it's murder day again. And the next day... If he solves the mystery he will escape this loop in time but , there's two others also borrowing bodies in attempts to be the ones to win their freedom, a pyscopathic footman who is trying to kill all the host bodies, the mysterious Anna and a whome mlot of other twists thrown into the pot. It's time travel crossed with Groundhog Day crossed with Agatha Christie crossed with (your choice) and I found it completely compelling. I love very complex books with a myriad of turns and don't mind being hopelessly lost in places but I felt that it slightly lost its way near the end. I put it down thinkig it was one of the most dazzling books I've read in along time, but then I started to wonder if it isn't just a bit too dazzling and emperor's new clothesish. I'm still out on that one but I'd love to read this for a book group and find out what other people think.
  8. I Am Watching You

    One for the wish list!
  9. what is everyone doing?

    So sorry about your dad, Tag. You aren't ever prepared for the impact of losing a parent, even when you've been expecting it and know that it's a release.
  10. Book Lists 2019

    1. Vision in Silver - Anne Bishop **** (started 2018) 2. Marked in Flesh - Anne Bishop ****1/2 3. Snap - Belinda Bauer **** 4. The Horseman - Tim Pears
  11. Book Chain

    People of the Book - Geraldie Brooks
  12. Book Chain

    One Hundred and One Dalmatians - Dodie Smith
  13. Book Chain

    How to Find Love in a Bookshop - Veronica Henry
  14. Driven to murder...?

    Perhaps the reaction is just a little exreme, but don't you understand how he felt? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6332895/Scientist-tried-kill-colleague-kept-giving-away-endings-books-reading.html
  15. Currently Reading

    I've had that sitting in the TBR pile for ages, time to dig it out I think, especially as I have some good reco├╣├╣endations from you MM