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  1. Hey! Can someone recommend me some Business English books? Without a specific area, e.g. banking or pharma. Thank you!
  2. Hey! I am happy to share with you my recent revelation - The Journey of Rosalie by Audrey Glanville. As soon as I started reading this book, I simply couldn't stop. You may find this book on smashwords. I thought it is one of these boring and useless fictions, but it turned out to be an amazing piece of art. I couldn't stop reading it. One of love paradoxes is in its endurance regardless the background that normally can devastate all possible emotional statuses. This fiction novel demonstrates how love can overcome the hardest and most challenging obstacle in frames of the modern-world problems such as political relationships between countries and kidnapping. Rosalie and her beloved Daniel Arnault are being separated and brought back together by unfairness, maltreatment prejudice provoked by the whole world. The story draws a parallel between two worlds: the world of love and the world of circumstances. I will be glad to discuss this book with you and create a circle of readers. I think it is a very exciting book We have Christmas upcoming holidays when we have some spare time for reading
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