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  1. lol! Shows how much my passwords change eh. Don't know what to do now, I like my new username as it has become my recent online persona on a few things.
  2. Thanks elfstar, think I will definitely try the Robin Hobb. I think I will go to the library tomorrow and browse their fantasy section to see what catches my eye.
  3. Thanks! I looked the books up and like the sound of 'Magician' and the Trilogy you mentioned. That's also a great idea about the compilation- will get it from the library and give it a go! Thanks again xx
  4. Have only just managed to start reading but should finish soon, think I will definitely enjoy it! I have struggled not to read anyone elses comments yet, but as soon as I finish I will and will add my 2p worth. Kel
  5. I am looking for a change in genre, just to widen my reading horizons, and thought about giving fantasy a go. I have slowly been making my way through King's Dark Tower series and have read something by Sheri Tepper (is she classed as fantasy?) but really have no other experience of the genre! I have read through some of the threads and am interested by the Robin Hobb novels. Do you think these would be a good introduction to the genre? Or can you recommend anything else? Thanks for any help:) Kel
  6. Mine arrived today! Will get started on it right away:)
  7. Thats a great name, well done the winner!
  8. Thanks for the info.But why does Page Turners have to be on during the day- I will miss it because my video does not work!
  9. I have just finished the book and really loved it. Sometimes I did find myself confused by the jumping around in time, and I did have moments where I thought how convenient for Henry to appear somewhere in particular. But all in all I loved it. I was glad Clare and Henry were not perfect, I thought it made them all the more real. I agree with Seraphina about how good it was to get little snippets of what was to come. Can't wait to discuss this book more with you all
  10. I finished this yesterday and I loved it, there is something about Marian Keyes I am always so sad when I finish her books. But it was interesting to read your opinion happyfriday.
  11. I agree, I hate that as well! There is nothing more frustrating then having nothing at all to read and knowing you probably won't be able to get any from anywhere. I always het laughed at for filling my bags and suitcases with books rather than shoes to wear or more clothes!
  12. Not very imaginative but Book Chat? Will put imaginative head on and have a think!
  13. I went shopping the other day and although I did not spend a huge amount it got me to thinking about the most anyone has spent on books in one go. Has anyone ever had an all out splurge or do you just buy one or two at a time? Just curious thats all!
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