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  1. Wife generally starts Cristmas shopping in January, although she's gone on a coach trip with my eldest daughter to Manchester today. Keeping my fingers crossed that I might get a new box for my new aromatherapy oils, generally get vouchers for my Kindle off my daughter. Asked the wife what she wants but she always says nothing. May give online shopping a go too as I can't trail round much either.
  2. Have not read that yet but will put it on my wish list.
  3. Hi,I live in North East of England, retired so lots of time for reading. Use to be a lecturer at a local college. Read mostly crime,thrillers,spy novels, but I'm willing to try something more substantial. Did like fantasy also but haven't read any for a while. Open to suggestions here. Some authors I enjoy: Peter Robinson, Peter James, Jeffrey Deaver, Iain Rankin and Harlan Coben. About to start the latter's 'Missing You', just finished Dan Brown's 'Inferno'. Found group through search of web and have enjoyed what I've seen so far. Sorry my real name is Colin.
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