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  1. Hmm - I don't recall doing hundreds of CD reviews in 2004; I'd have to say I am not that same person. I have reviewed a music cd from time to time, as I've been reviewing professionally for 35 years now - but it's not my main genre of choice and I am certain I'd have recalled 'hundreds'. I haven't bothered posting my reviews until recently - I'm primarily a volunteer reviewer with Midwest Book Review, in addition to my day job, and that keeps me immersed in good books. I tend to review small press over large press because I've been told that large press books get plenty of attention and sm
  2. I noted there's no forum for paranormal romance - and perhaps this is a good thing, because Jan Minkman's new book, while more easily billed by these two names, is more than either. So - While, for categorization's sake, The Space In Between is a 'paranormal romance', don't let that assignment fool you: it's much more, and readers anticipating a breezy, light, supernatural love tale might find themselves quite pleasantly challenged by a story line that defies quick and dirty categorization or a fast leisure read. This is partially due to its setting - Wales - and the fact that in such
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